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[+] serious ballot by jappy

What should Israel do to make themselves look better in the international scene and to possibly curb some of this terrorism by better treatment of Palestinians?

Offer up some land for a new Palestine
Treat them like citizens, not outcasts
Arabs are taught to KILL
Tear down that wall
Kick Israelis away somewhere else
they all play in the sand
When the Palestinians recognize Israel, stop violent and terror, then the Israelis will respect them
The wall will go down when Palestinians stop bombing themselves inside Israel.
they all suck
Israel do give them water, supplies, etc but they usually destroy or misuse it.
Let Syria or Egypt or Jordan give them land. Israel is one of the smallest countries in the world
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I guess I'm just sort of tired of the attitude that people have, that the palestinian people are all animals. the palestinians are treated like crap by the israeli public and government. Unlike the situation in Iraq, where the United States is looking to hand over power to a nationally elected government, Israel continues to stall on a free Palestine state because of hard liners within their government who scoff at any type of concessions.
We give them water, electricity and everything else, and this is something I can't say that their Palestinian brothers, in Lebanon, Jordan and Syria get from their countries, at least not as much as the WB and Gaza Palestinian get. Passages to travels will end in one or more of the following :
- Suicide bombing against Israeli targets abroad
- Training and further cooperation of Palestinians and other regional and international terror organizations.
- Smuggling of arms to Palestinian territories.
- Comfortable escape for wanted and dangerous Palestinian terrorists from WB and Gaza.

Moreover, I don't think that anyone can argue against the current methods as means to improve Israel's security, because the numbers speak for themselves. Before Israel entered the Palestinian territories and held positions there, the numbers of terror warnings are the same as now, but our presence ther, enabled us to prevent more terror attacks, and thus reduce the levels of the "violence cycle".

The Palestinians live in poverty. The ordinary people are punished for the actions of a tiny minority (which is illegal like their occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip) and they are treated like animals. Thanks to AIPAC, Israel's view on the situation gets prominence in the media in America. Yosi is just really weird.
Cretin, if you haven't noticed, many groups live in poverty in this world, and many of those are due to foreign occupation. Untill the Intifada, the Palestinian lived better than whole of those groups, and better than some other CIVILIANS in the middle east - like in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, especiality minorities. The tiny minority, if you're talking about Hamas and radical terror groups, are supported traditionally by 30% of the Palestinian population. But some of the other 70% support some other moderate terror groups - like Fatah.
Great point, Jappy.
Wow. Israel's all heart.
Israel is the reason for anything bad that happens in the world. There are no islamic radicals its all jews
If they do help they will be pronounced as supporters of terror.
"Israel is the reason for anything bad that happens in the world. There are no islamic radicals its all jews"

Scratch that, there are some that are independent.

Does anyone know about the Deer Yaseen massacre? Apparently it was done for fun, no reals reason. Jews slaughtered a whole village of women and helpless elders, blowing up their homes with dynamite for no reason.
Well obsessive, sadly not many people know about that. If there's one thing about a Jew, its his intelligence. They knew the power was in America. They got a political stronghold in America and Britain, which enabled Israel's creation. Know they're political power/control/manipulation allows the state to thrive, while commiting war crimes, while portraying to the media that the palestinian people are savages, nazis, and dogs. WHEN WILL MUSLIMS BOND TOGETHER TO HELP THEIR BROTHERS IN PALESTINE??
woops, typo,

"..NOW their political.."

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