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have you ever thought of just hiring one of them campervans and going on a long road journey to different places? where would you go?

Across the different states in the USA
through the Rockies
across Canada
Canada and USA as a whole
just go wherever the road takes me
across europe
across australia
drive through the deserts of Mexico
Right around the World!
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i would love to go on a road trip through the USA and Canada in a campervan. i would go to florida and visit tadema, see miami & orlando, then drive to then through georgia, alabama, missisippi & into texas where i would ride a horse, then into oklahoma, kansas & colorado then drive into nevada and visit las vegas then visit the grand canyon, then onto losd angeles and stalk some movie stars and then drive onto the neverland ranch to see MJ, then to yosemite national park, then oregon and visit qui_qui, then washington where i would go to seattle to visit gs_newworldruler, then idaho, into south dakota to visit asanborn, then iowa to see guest597cc, then down to chicago, then michigan, and into new york city to see the sights then go over the border to see niagara falls and drive through the provinces of canada, see the rockies, and then drive into vancouver where i will have finished my journey!
An obvious wide-eyed simpleton like you wouldn't last 5 minutes in the big wide world, Smeegol.

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