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90's - internet boom
80's - punk rock and end of disco
70's - disco and leisure suits
60 - decade of free love and hippies
50's - Peak of American culture and economy
80's Heavy Metal And Great Guitars
2000's (even though it's not over yet)
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Mike, what does that have to do with this poll?
My choice was the 80's. It's mostly because of the music. (Heavy metal and what have you.)

Mike - Who the fuck brought up Christianity? Was a ballot choice removed before I got here or something?

In any event, I put 90s because everyone was really optimistic, there weren't any major wars or skirmishes (at least not in the developed world for the most part), and of course the economy was going great.

I chose The 80's. Heavy Metal and great guitars like BC Rich, Charvel, Wayne, Kramer, Hamer, Dean. Oh and Lita Ford.
60's were good, but I would hate to live in those days though. Not much to do and very boring.
the late 70s and the early 80s. here was the peak of great rock music
seventies and sixties
80's is best, no razorshite

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