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[+] ballot by Ken_from_Dublin

You have exhausted all avenues of appeal and you are about to die.

Would you still support the death penalty?

Yes,with pride
No,and I'll eat humble pie,HAPPY NOW?

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Well then you deserve to die.
Anybody who believes in the death penalty should be required to sit in the electric chair for 10 seconds. If they're unwilling, they should re-evaluate their standpoint.
There have been far too many miscarriages of justice to jutify the death penalty. Best to err on the side of caution and give life sentences.

I realise this is an emotive subject, and we all know what sorts of crazies are out there, but it is better to let 100 guilty men go free than to kill an innocent man.

psycho, they don't use the electric chair anymore, they use the lethal injection. Essentially you go to sleep and don't wake up. I'll try taking a nap some time to see what horrors these murders have to go through.

And as for all the overturns recently, they certainly make the death penalty look bad. However, these criminals haven't been declared innocent, they merely waited 30 or 40 years until most of the evidence was no longer admissible and key witnesses had died or were no longer useful. Contrary to popular opinion we aren't executed thousands of innocent people every year just for the hell of it.

I would decide to take the sins of all mankind upon me. Maybe someone could right a book about it.
Anyone who doesn't believe in the death penalty should feel the pain of losing a loved one. Without the death penalty as a deterent, the murder rate would increase. If I had to die to save the death penalty, I would. I would know that my death saved the lives of countless innocents.
Ha ha!
If you were the one who did you certainly wouldn't be now would you? Know what I mean?
Every countable source shows the death penalty is no deterent at all.
Are those the same sources you use to argue against gun rights?
The problem is not with the sentence. Some people MUST die, like rapists and murderes. But the question is with the accuracy of the conviction methods.
I don't imagine that anyone actually facing the death penalty is in favor of it. What would I say in the situation you described? Hmmm. "I know I am about to die. This is not a place where any sane person would ever lie as he passes over to a possible judgement, and with this in mind, I say for the final time, I am innocent."

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