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When you meet a person with bad hygiene, what feature of it can't you stand the most?

Body Odor
Bad Teeth
Messed up hair
Dirty Clothes
women with mustaches, hairy arm pits, etc.
Visible Boogers
Bad breath
Cooch Oder
Fingers smell like ass matter
Poo poo breath
A woman who does not douche herself
Those not washing up after handling their privates
Those not wiping themselves after defecating
clean ur self its not that hard
head cheese
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Scummy teeth is by far the worst, but I like to be with people who take care of all of the above!
All of the above, but I picked just one to be a sport!
I just don't want anybody's bad breath, pits, butt, or anything else. If I have to see it from a distance so be it. Just don't make me have to smell it!
Nothing turns me off more than a chick with facial hair.
Someone picking their ass I would consider a turnoff.
People who have that vinegar smell to their clothes.
French kind of hygiene.
I'll never forget the time during the early 1960's when I was in a crowded movie theater where the usher had to seat me right next to a older lady dressed in a skirt with her legs crossed. Right after the first of the double-features started, she uncrossed her legs and that characteristic foul stench of an undouched vagina hit me right in the face! The theater was so crowded that I had a choice: sit through that stench for two hours until intermission while gagging all the while or leave the theater. Luckily for me, about 15 minutes into the first feature, I saw several people on the other side of the theater get up and leave and after ascertaining that there was a seat available to me over there, I got up, went to it, sat down and enjoyed the show!
i was with some girl i just met a few weeks ago.. i go down there and it smelt bad.. i havent talked to her since
people who do not shower are nasty.
Can I say that here?
I can't cope with BO, and the fact that my nose is just short of crippled (I have THE WORST sense of smell) makes noticing it all the more unpleasent to me.
Teeth cheese does me in. So do big, crab eyed sized blackheads. Blah! Don't these people have mirrors?

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