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how should I deal with this

sound proof her bedroom
send her to a convent
drugs and alcohol
reverse psychology
Teach her to talk black, boost her street cred
keep her away from it,
Confiscate her CDs, cut off MTV
Soundproof YOUR bedroom
dont buy her slutty clothes
Get her a police scanner and save your money
Make her listen to Mozart who was a sort of an eccentric maverick in his own days

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Have her listen to NWA non-stop.
Aaaaargh. I have a 9 year old daughter too, so I guess it's just a matter of time.
by zig [+]

Every time you talk to her, make sure you're bustin' rhymes. Start rappin' with her friends and call yourself MacDaddy. If you really overdo it, she'll get so sick of it she may start Simon and Garfunkeling.
by ABC [+]

People don't say MacDaddy anymore at least not us black people.
All the more reason she would be annoyed, deepvoice.
Besides, he's the daddy, get it?
Come on ABC, bust some rhymes for us all. Let us hear it. Come on, uh, come on, 1-2, mike check 1-2, take it away ABC!....
To begin with, my depest sympathies to you and your family in this trying time. Rap (and I will NOT call it MUSIC by ANY stretch of the definitions) is just the outlet the young seem to use to express their feelings about the world until a better outlet comes along. I HOPE, anyway (ten-year-old niece, DEEP into Chingy and Bow Wow, whoEVER the hell THEY are)...
buy her some Black Sabbath to improve her musical taste
Voted : send her to a convent
this one is always a classic.
by LCD [+]

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