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After watching Regis And Kelly lately, I'm beginning to get annoyed with Kelly Ripa. She never shuts up, cuts Regis off in mid conversation, dominates the conversation and seems to want all the attention. Jeez, isn't that the reason everybody hated Kathy Lee Gifford? Is Kelly starting to annoy you too?

No Difference
She Makes The Show Better
I Wish She Would SHUT UP!
She could never be as bad as Kathie Lee Gifford
About the same, really
kelly ripa is hott
Just lose the bra, honey.
getting to be....?! What a skank!
what do you mean "going to be!"
Ripa is an arrogant twat
kelly's a cutie and should lose the bra
I'd still love to bang her
Kelly was ALWAYS more annoying than Kathy Lee
I don't know about you, but I Love Kelly!
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is this the "REAL grapost" this time?
by lcd [+]

Yes this is the real Grapost. I registered after the other guy withdrew.
Kelly Ripa was created on a petrii dish in a laboratory backstage of the "Live with Regis and Kathy Lee" show. In the early 90's, after Kathy Lee gave birth to her first child, rumors started to fly around the set that she was ditching the talk show gig to become a full time wife and mother. This news sent Regis into a rage and he immediately ordered his goons to swipe a genetic sample from the aging beauty, fearful of losing his ratings. "The Ripa Project" as it was commonly known, was a total success. "Kelly" as they called her (the name was a shortened version of "Kathy Lee" more specifically "K-Lee" which was written on the test tube) grew to full adulthood in less than five years thanks to recent advances in cloning technology. She eventually replaced Kathy Lee as Regis' side kick and has remained on the show ever since. Every day after taping, Kelly is returned safety to her cage, where she is looked after by Mark Consuelos, her trainer.
Yah more Kelly Lee Boobies for all to see!
Kelly's hot as hell -- and I mean HOT AS HELL!!! -- and could never possibly be as annoying as Kathie Lee.
THANK YOU grapost! I have been telling my girlfriend forever that Kelly was a rude, self centered witch who needs to take her clothes off and shut the fuck up and let Regis talk. She ALWAYS cuts him off, I am glad to see their are people that dont adore her like my girlfriend.
Is she the only one who calls regis "Big Daddy"?

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