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[+] joke ballot by ABC

my dog sure loves the smell of your crouch
yew gots all yer teeth!!
Clovis is a purdy name
Hey sis...
Hey Laura, wanna be 1st lady?
What is it you require?
Ever been in a double-wide?
Can ye tek yer teeth out, honey?
Would ya like a swig of moonshine?
Howzabout a bite of possum jerky?
How wouldya like to slop my hog?
Wanna play hide the corncob?
Wanna go lynch an ignorant yankee?
dont care if you're boy or girl gonna get me some
Hello, I'm George Bush
Wanna go sniff some airplane glue with me?
Wanna go to a tractor pull?
sheeeaaayyyitt yuz a looker aintcha
That chaw stain on your shirt gives me a hard-on
Do you have any hillybilly in you? Want some?
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"This river don't go to Aintry. You done taken a wrong turn."
by ABC [+]

Might as well finishe what I started...

Boy, you are a lost one, ain't you?

You ain't a goin' no damn wheres.

Hold it! I'll blow your guts out all over these woods.

What is it you require?

Now let's you just drop them pants.

That's sharp. Bet it would shave a hair.

Take off that little ol' bitty shirt there, too.

Did he bleed?

Them panties. Take 'um off.

Hey, boy, you look just like a hog.

Come on, piggy, give me a ride.

Looks like we got us a sow here, 'sted of a boar.

I bet you can squeal like a pig.

How romantic Stewie
by ABC [+]

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