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I'm not trying to bash it, but do you think it's too overrated?

Yes, it's too overrated
No, it's the greatest nation on Earth
I don't know

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just a little wittle bit
It is only overrated by the americans. Everyone else can see it for what it is, and it aint pretty.
Yeah, I guess so. If you want good food, go to France.
most people think their country is the best, sure canadians, brits and whatever think that about their country armageddon. or most do
Hell No. Christ we invent, and discover most of the things the rest of the world relies on. And without the U.S. defending the rest of the free world, there would be constant war, poverty and chaos.
I'm not asking wether it is the best nation. I'm asking if it puts itself above all by trashing and ridiculing others. Or if it credits itself for almost everything even if they didnt do it.
I suppose Grapost is right thank heavens there is no war, poverty or chaos.
It is far from perfect, but I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
It's overrated by Americans and underrated by almost everyone else. Everyone is blind to their own faults.
I think it would be very difficult to underrate america. In almost everything they do they have delusions of adequacy.
And without the U.S. defending the rest of the free world, there would be constant war, poverty and chaos.
by Grapost on Oct 03, 2004

Hang on a minute. Surely the US is the cause of war, poverty and chaos.

The bankers are the cause.
Is that rhyming slang for americans?
One_Cent Whore get the fuck out if you don't like it!Go live with the Arab scum in the middle East and see how welcome you are INFIDEL!
Actually, Grapost was way off when he said we invent and discover the most.

In geograhpy our teacher was talking about how we hardly invent anything; we just buy technology from Japan, and medicine from Israel. I mean of course we invent some things, but for the most part, we buy them, we don't make them.

And Cretin_Slap was on the money when he said the war-hawking capitalist U.S. government IS THE CAUSE of most of the destruction, war, and poverty in the world.

Abu Musab Al Zarqawi, you said 'arab scum'. Calling an entire race of people 'scum' isn't very nice. Maybe thats why you're suspended.

Voted : No, it's the greatest nation on Earth
Hello NO! I've been to 18 other countries when I was in the Navy. Americans do not realize how good they have it here. The problems we have here are nothing compared what's going on in other countries.

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