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It's a health issue for the fetus (and potentially its mother). It's well known that both activities are potentially detrimental to fetuses.

One could argue that it'd be hypocritical that it'd be illegal to drink and smoke while pregnant while abortions are legal. However, if you're going to keep your baby, you should damn well keep it healthy.

Otherwise, it's just a drain on our health care system and tax money.

No -- how do you enforce it?
No -- a woman's body, a woman's choice.
only if its illegal for the father too! then yes
Smoking & drinking should be banned
Yes. Then we should jail thought criminals too.
Illegalize everything
No more Govt. control over us!
Only if the kid is yours dude.
If the fetus gives written consent
Not if the fetus gives written consent

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If you make it illegal for one to engage in unhealthy behavior or activities then you will have to apply it across the board...i.e., those who have a predispositiong to hypertension should not be allowed to eat certain foods, can not smoke and must exercise regularly, diabetics should not be allowed to eat sweets and must also exercise regularly, etc...It would be impossible to enforce and a person's body is theirs to do as they please. Now, as for the unborn fetus, the woman will have to live with any consequences attributed to her poor decision making process. Although, to require someone to cease smoking maybe unrealistic with nicotine being addictive because they become pregnant. We must be even handed when it comes to applying justice and punishment to every member of society and not becoming overly punitive.
Correction: *predisposition*
Since women can legally kill their fetuses, what does anyone care if they abuse them.
Forgot the (?).
It's an interesting question, but there would be no point in making something like that illegal. How on earth are you going to inforce it? They'll just smoke and drink in their own houses.

I care Bostonian. Because I care about the health of the baby much more than whether it was born or not.

Heavy drinking can cause baby lifetime of health problems - of course it should be illegal
who cares? people who care about fetuses will stay clean for pregnancy, but crackwhores will keep smoking crack every 10mn.
It would be another useless law

No, but it should be illegal to be pregnant.
A good point well made, Religious Krap. And zorra! Get out more ya big misery.
yeah it would be almost impossible to enforce, but it's a crime when people drink , smoke and or do drugs well pregnant.
I think they do have in some places against the law to serve a pregnant women alcoh, or maybe they were just talking about it. that would not be a bad idea, I know they can drink at home but so can children but they can't be served.

Good Question, but the thought of more Government control over our personal lives gives me the {{{chills}}}.
how is it a womans choice to harm a baby?
plenty of women kill their babies... im sure they could care less about harming them
if we see a pregnant women smoking, we should have the right to kick her womb. it would kill it quicker. and im pro-choice so we could give her an abortion...
The government should cut the fetuses out of smoking/drinking pregnant women then grow them into supersoldiers in secret labs, the use the soldiers to oppress the populace, stealing more fetuses, etc.
i think it is good that you are doing this

Voted : No -- how do you enforce it?
i think the government has enough problems, why the hell you keep trying to make ridiculous and useless laws that will have no affect on anyone, your pathetic

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