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[+] ballot by cracked_bulb

Which celeb is so pompous and full of themselves, that you can't stand them?

Jennifer Lopez
Britney Spears
Russell Crowe
Paris Hilton
Hilary Duff
Bill O'Reilly
michael moore
Oprah Winfrey
Sean Penn
Rob Reiner
Ed Asthner
patrick viera
all rappers
Tom Hanks
Donald Trump
George W. Bush
All TV news anchorwomen
Jap - E, mainstream white christian rap artist
Tom Cruise

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So many to chose from.
All of them! ;(
It's toss up between Michael Morre and Bill O'reily
Impossible to down select to one.
That was easy...J. Ho, I mean J. Lo.
It's a toss between J.Ho and Paris. Have you read Paris' shitty book? Geez, she's got no substance to her.
by aya [+]

Paris and JLo? Shouldnt even be a comparison, one was born rich so she has an excuse, the other knows what it is like to be poor and live in a shithole then she drives around in her $300,000 car and her 50 person entourage and says she is still "jenny from the block" yeah right! Jenny from the block would have blown me for $5.
I agree with cdubatrc, a better poll would be asking which one ISN'T.

I do like the tv anchorwomen one though, they are some of the most shallow bitches in the world, especially that ignorant shallow bitch Katie Couric, she's a moron. Oooh, I'm going to do a poll about her...

The Donald by far
The Grand prize for "I want to Kill a Hilton" should be ramming a steak through Paris' empty chest cavity

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