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I mean... I know that we are great.. and better than everyone else.. but what are the main reasons why America kicks so much ass

Because everyone is jealous of us
Because we have the best military
Need for Anger Management?
President Bush

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You're going to hurt your elbow, patting yourself on the back like that.

We did until this ballot. You suck.
(try to laugh.. just try to keep laughing, it's working for me ;)
by x__ [+]

Yes i do think Americans are great.. and i didnt make that everyone else SUCKS comment...
It's called patriotism, people. Maybe you've heard of it.
It mostly comes down to careful choice of enemies. The smart conquerer always makes war against those countries with little or no military; he never "picks on somebody his own size", as it were. {Because he knows if he does, he might lose!}
That explains why the only American victories in the last 58 years were against military nonentities such as Grenada, Panama, and Iraq. And the string of victories will continue, provided the U.S. military isn't foolish enough to take on an enemy who could actually fight back.

It's called Natiolism Dani, maybe you've heard of that. The patriot is proud of his country for what it does, and the nationalist is proud of his country no matter what it does, with blind arrogance.
And I, as well as other people, will agree that we are proud of our country for what it does. We have our opinions, and you have yours.

Neal, it is not us picking on little guys. It's them trying to bring us down. Think back to ancient Greece and the city-states, Athens and Sparta. Athens was the first "democracy", it was moving forward faster than the rest and was admirred the most throughout Greece. Although thre was envy between the others. So they allied up to try to take Athens down. Over what? nothing! And guess what, Athens is still standing today, because they wern't weak.

Some people don't agree with us, you see. So they don't like us. plain and simple. Actually, other countries don't agree with a lot of other countries, but their goal is to take down US because we are the head honcho, their great goal.

Since we have all this military power, why not put it to good use? Why not help out other countires too? The US saved Breat Britan's ass from Russia, that's why they're allied with us. Become our allies you see, and you will be forever grateful ;).

Ah yes, Dani. "They hate us for our democracy" or some such. It couldn't possibly have anything to do with our government's meddling foreign policy. No sirreee. It's gotta be 'cause they hate our freedom - our religion too, just like George W. said.
Of course, I'll find that easier to believe when I see the terrorists attacking Switzerland. That's also a free, democratic, mostly Christian country, so they're gonna get hit any day now, right?
"Become our allies you see, and you will be forever greatful"? Saddam Hussein WAS our ally for 25 years. He sure seems grateful now, doesn't he?

Suppose you learned all that crap in one of your American biased history lessons, Dani. You didn't save our ass from anyone, sorry to dissapoint you. Next you're gonna tell me that your Government told you, so it must be true. ;O)
And Dani, that totally bullshit statement you've just made, fits you right into the nationalist catagory.
Guest_05295 I agree, being proud of your country doesn't make you a nationalist. Trying to shove the fact, that you think you're the best country in the world down everyones throats does.
cant believe how many negative ratings i got for this poll... just thought it would get a few laughs.. guess not
Duh, if you people actually listened to what i sad you wouldn't have to argue crap.

I know other countries are democracies and have religeon. But Al-Quada and such hate us and atacked us only because we are the leading country, the most powerful. (I'm not trying to boast or anything, I'm just stating it.) And I'm talking power, not greatness.

Ofcourse if you're from a different country the news will be biased too. Ofcourse it won't give any praise to America. Duh, you're another country. Ofcourse they won't say anything good about us. We are the most powerful country in the world, and ofcourse you might agree, so why would any other country like us? I understand that. I know certain people not say the *greatest*, but most powerful is what I'm talking about. We have the best military, we're the richest etc. Examples of power.

Are we the greatest and most stable and happiest? No, things could be better. I agree. We are divided, we have a deficit, we are in a war. It's hard being us because the military is always on their toes, always needed to be ready for another attack. This doesn't have to do with Bush, it's been happening all throughout time. Every president who comes in office will gurantee that they'll need to use military force one tim eor another. And don't ou bring up that "lying about WMDs" crap. I fully read up on that and heard enough facts to understand the situation and about the CIA intelegance to know that he wasn't decieving anybody.

Dani: your first three paragraphs can be summed up in 3 words: "Might makes right".
"The military is always on their toes, always needed to be ready for another attack." Like they were ready for that LAST attack, on 9/11? If that's what you call "ready", I'd hate to see your idea of unready!
"And don't you bring up that 'Lying about WMDs' crap." I completely understand, Dani. If I were a Bush supporter, I wouldn't anyone bringing about his lying about WMDs, either.

Duh, then why would I be a Bush supporter? They found mustard gas and many illegle weapons in Iraq. Russia was investigating Iraq even before teh war started. Even if Bush did lie I'd back him YOU KNO WHY? It was right to go in Iraq and take out Saddam. I SUPPORT our occupancy in Iraq despite the nagatives. there are many more positive reasons to be there than negative.

Let me ask you this, bubba. How can the war in Iraq be a frivolous war for money, when it is costing us more than we could ever regain in cheap oil? One GPS guided bomb costs apprx. $300,000 that would make quite a nice subsidy for a large city for a single days worth of gas. All liberals do is run around claiming this "Blood for oil" "war for oil" crap. Instead you should be figuring out the economics of war and that it would be IMPOSSIBLE for us to ever break even with the cost of war with "cheaper gas".


Oh yeah and it is impossible to prevent an attack. I said as in we always have to have a good MILITARY ready incase something happens.

What about Clinton? There ere 5 terrorist attacks during the Clinton Admin. and we didn't do nothign about it. Al-Quadea was just planning for years while Clinton was in office and he didn't do anything in the Middle East. Thanks to him and his dumb scandal Al-Quadea terrorists have now been all over while he's doing nothing. Then BOOM, here comes Sept. 11.

Have conspiracies theoris all you want nutcases, nothing could have stopped it.

o by the way InternalColonel thanks for rating me bad 3 times for having an opinion,, even though i didn't say anything offensive.. i appreciate it..
Good point Iron.

I didn't know we can rate down for not agreeing with the other person's opinion. Sweet!

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