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[+] serious ballot by mojo

The quote is by Richard le Galliene.

Yes, Jesus would be appalled at how his teachings have been misinterpreted and abused.
No, organized religion is pure and innocent, etc.
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Damn straight mojo and if the big JC were alive today he would nail his own damn ass to the cross in disgust !!
by B_P [+]

I don't entirely agree
You could say that about any organized religion that perverts the ideals it was created for.
by aya [+]

true aya, but I'm not going to agree to a statement that puts a broad kinda blanket over organized religion.
Completely agree
Straight up - Jesus apparently preached peace and love and forgiveness - and what have we had? The so-straight-laced catholic church has apparently invested on condom companies (although it condemns contraception completely) all through the bible prostitutes have been vilified - although part of the vatican was built with the proceeds of the oldest profession. The Cathars were persecuted and executed because they had some mild opinions that were considered heretical, the church of england came into being because some geezer wanted a divorce! The poor are condemned as lazy, while the rich use the bible to justify making a fortune off their backs! Human life is considered expendable (unless the owner is also the possessor of a vast fortune). Christianity = CORRUPTION!
Yes... considering Jesus was gay, and now the whole ammendment thing.
by MO_ [+]

Hold on quirk, don't be so quick to condem Catholics. What about bingo and beer?
I actually don't think I can stay on this site much longer, just for my own personal reasons, no offence to any of you.
All religion is just a glorified cult
I would fully agree with the statement if it were about Christian Scientology.
" The poor are condemned as lazy, while the rich use the bible to justify making a fortune off their backs! "

The Christianity I know doesn't say that poor people are necessarily lazy. A lot of churches run clothing drives and canned food drives for the poor. If they think all poor people are lazy and therefore don't deserve any handouts, then why would any Christian churches bother to hold charity drives?

ecto1, our church does charity drives, has shelter for homeless, foodbank, the first to come to the aide of disaster victims,helps lower income people buy homes, that is why I could not just say I agreed with the ballot question, I don't think its fair to totally say organized religion is bad.
I'm a little disappointed also
never realized people felt this way. but guess it's deserved.
Probably why I'm not in the fold anymore.
The question is unanswerable for two reasons:
1. We don't know what Jesus' ideals even were. The only source we have for what Jesus MIGHT have said is one book of which Jesus never wrote a single word, the New Testament. It was written from 30 to 100 years after his death by men who had never once met him. Even most theologians and church historians admit that there is no guarantee that any of the supposed quotes from Jesus in the Bible were actually ever said by him, and that any of them could be the words of the gospel authors.
2. If the Bible itself is to be believed, Jesus never had any thought of founding a new religion, but simply of revitalizing an old one, Judaism. If Christianity had a founder, it was St. Paul.

Well, neal, thats a nice get-out clause for avoiding a difficult subject.
" The poor are condemned as lazy, while the rich use the bible to justify making a fortune off their backs! "
Sorry ecto i had ballot 58240 in mind whilst writing the above! It is a gross generalisation, i know!

Christians do a lot of good things but it's true that Christians or people calling themselves such have given Christianity a bad name. The kids wearing WWJD bracelets who actually try to live that way are wonderful people. It's the evangelicals that say "God is going to kill all the homosexuals" that give Christians a bad name. For starters, Jesus wouldn't kill a homosexual or even a murderer, he would love them both.

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