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If you can't fit it in votes, put it in comments. Please put the drug first, then what happened to you.

Cannabis - my voice sounded as if it was coming from the other end of the room (disembodied).
Cannabis - prolonged laughter followed by extreme paranoia; I had to hide in a closet!
Seroquel - I got married.
Cannabis - New York accent temporarily reappeared
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Am I the only one?
{{{face burning with humiliation}}}

Vitamin A
I was living in Vincenza, Italy and my wife (noe ex wife) had to work the night shift at the hospital. Since she wouldn’t be home be home until about 8:00AM the next day, I figured I’d drop the A and hit a club, maybe two—depending on the trip. For sure I'd be back by 5:00AM and no one would be the wiser. The only thing I had going against me was that she had the car, which meant I had to use my motorcycle (a small Honda 350) for transportation -- not the ideal acidmobile. The club was about 20 minutes away so I figured I could drop, go downstairs (we lived on the sixth floor of an apartment building) open the garage, jump on my scooter, and disco. To my horror, our garage was locked and my wife had the key. I rushed upstairs to get the spare. Of course, I couldn’t find it. Some time during my search, the A kicked in and I knew I was stranded. So I’m alone (a trippers nightmare), middle of the night, tripping my brains out, getting more paranoid by the second. I decided to go to the balcony and take deep breaths and get into nature. Just as I’m sort of ok a BAT flies up the side of the building and hits right in the face! If you’ve ever tripped, you understand!

That sounds awful! I never had the courage to try A because of my cannabis experiences. Thanks for contributing ... I was getting a bit *paranoid*!

p.s. My first bf in England used to drive a Honda 50. Your story brings back old memories :-)

My goodness - where do I start........ ????? the beginning, keithsheen!
On LSD, my friend appeared to be 'in pieces' on the floor. I could see his arms and legs but they weren't connected to the rest of his body. And his face looked like a cartoon.

That was quite funny. Less funny was that he was a big heavy metal fan and had posters all over his room with monsters and axes and typical late 80s / early 90s metal images. They were 3 dimensional and reaching out trying to cut me!!!!

To cut a long story short, I went to heaven and hell that night.

The first time I took LSD, I was a 19-year-old student and very much into Jimi Hendrix. My first acid hallucination was when my favourite Jimi Hendrix poster spoke to me. I 'saw' his mouth move. And I decided he was saying 'welcome to the wonderful world of acid'.

Later that evening, I woke up a few friends (there was one experienced LSD-taker who was looking after me) and had lost any empathy about tiredness. I couldn't understand how the friends I woke up could be tired at 5 in the morning! I was very self-aware and self-confident, though. I knowingly ate a raw onion and decided that it tasted like an apple. It didn't taste like an apple, it tasted like an onion. But it wasn't unpleasant and I ate the whole thing.

DON'T DO THIS AT HOME - drugs fu*ked me up a bit later on.

As I said very recently in another ballot, I experienced synaesthesia when I first smoked cannabis. I could SEE music in colour. It was WONDERFUL. I believe this is rare though, so don't get your hopes up. And DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME, kids!!!!
Kiethseen: Great stories. Once on A I could taste colors--weird.
I wish you'd finish up with your ghost story from a few weeks ago.

Five of us decided to trip at Mardi Graw. As we were walking around 3 of the group went missing. After awhile the two of us just couldn’t even deal with a search—for crying out load it was Mardi Graw. The next day we found out the other three guys got arrested for public urination and wound up tripping in New Orleans jail.
My best friend tripped at Machu Picchu, that must have been wonderful.
I know I couldn’t handle LSD anymore, but once in a blue moon I’ll wolf down some mushrooms. Last time we took in Lucha Libre in Juarez, Mexico. Mexican wrestling and mushrooms, what a combination!

I took Seroquel (for bipolar disorder) for years and it screwed with my brain big time. I'm off it now but still recovering. While I was taking it, I got back with my ex (she was on the rebound), and she wanted to get married too soon.

We're split now.

When I was 15, I decided to take a LSD sugar cube, my friend dosed me with 9 hits! F I was at a friends house listening to Bauhaus and he had pictures of underware models, musicians, and gothic models.. anyways, I was trippin so hard, there eyes followed me everywhere, all the lights, it was like a disco! We ended up dancing around, going downtown and staying beneath Burnside bridge (in downtown Oregon).. crazy shit, one of my friends was in a pink tutu (guy), quite a colorful tripping crowd! The whole story could take hours... it was crazy. ;)

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