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[+] serious ballot by CouchGnome

To be fair some hip hop artists have good beats and can make original tunes like Outkast etc.. but it seems that the majority of the singers talk about shallow self centered materialism i.e. "Iz da bomb wit ma bling bling".. Furthermore, a majority of popular hardcore rappers promote infidelity, crime, and ignorance. Perhaps, a reasonable life is too boring and some humans need destructive music to make their lives more entertaining. After all, rap does remind us of our primal urges and lower levels of awareness. Maybe rap is their only way of feeling meaningful in a world that looks down on them. In retrospect, Donald Trump doesn't listen to rap, yet he parades around with his egocentric personality and his unlimited riches. What do you think?

some rap is good, some bad
most of it is bad, few of it is good

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East coast!
no, rap music is for record executives
As with all Genres there is a 'Pop' side and a quality side. Ignore all the chart crap, because as you say, it about money and materialism.

If you look far enough there is some quality Hip Hop, ranging from Jazz to Funk to Lounge. Thats what hip hop is, a fusion of different samples and styles, which doesn't even have someone rapping over the top. Check out DJ Shadow, Unkle or the Roots.

mostly, but so is everything else
Yeah, I know one time a peron put on the SPM album, the song was "wiggy.." it was fuckin hilirous.. undergroup rap or something
Don't forget KKKountry music. They used to call it "race music."
yeah i know i hate when white ppl try to be black. you dont see us trying to be white!
All rap is the same: kill, drugs, pimp, bitches, racism, robbing, drive by shooting, selling drigs, cars, gangsters, sex and guns. Its about time people realised rap is wrote by tallentless freaks who like to lie about their childhood.

While I'm on the subject; whats all this east coast and west coast crap? Why do they go on about this in almost every song? They are all from the same country. As for them being gangsters - YER, WHAT EVER!! My grandma is more of a gangster then 2pac ever was! He did ballet for god sake; thats how much of a pimping gangster he was.

They all say they are keeping it real, if they are then why are they living in a 2 million doller house, and driving a 500,000 doller car - They are all full of crap!!

rap is bad. it promotes violence, drugs, pornography, vulgarity, filthiness, and crime. it also makes the people who listen to it use improper english. it makes them not care about grammar. it makes them not care about speaking decently and getting an education and a good job. the rappers and the record companies make the money, but the people that listen to it still become worse for it. rap is a cultural cancer to society at large, and unfortunately, pandora's box has been opened because rap is mainstream now, incredibly, and almost revered by the general public... and yet they wonder why their daughters get pregnant, and their sons go to jail. rap should be banned... it should be treated like porn or marijuana, and confiscated from the hands of innocent children before they become totally and irredeemably corrupted.
hey you anonymous wanker maybe you are one of these kids you black brixton slag who needs to be shot a million times in the face beeatch!!!
It's all about telling a story and speaking the truth...too bad history books couldn't do it.
"only stupid people would refer to rap as "music"
by Anonymous on Dec 27, 2004"

zzzzzzzz yawn, get lost loser.

For Primative and stupid people.
Nuthin' is worse than a killer beat, pop-lockin'
bass that make you move your feet; add bad rhymes 'bout the seedy life, put down people caught up in strife; brag 'bout rides with oversized dubs, glorifiy using or selling drugs, trashin' the law or the gover-
mint, rap aint worth fiddy cent yeah boyee

Hey most Black people like it so therefore it has to be stupid.

Most things created by stupid people are stupid.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Who elected GWB???
You ate it
There is none left

It was salty
With butter
And it was deff

You proceded
To eat it
'Cause you was in the mood

But homes, you did not read, it was a can o' DOG FOOD

by Jyl [+]

Its for white wannabes. Who would want to act black? DISGUSTING.
The reason everyone wants ridiculous spinning rims on their beat up car is because of rap music, also that is why at clubs people go and try to act like they are hard in front of their friends.
Its for angry people.

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