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Songs that Jerry Falwell might disapprove of...

That Old Black Magic
That Old Devil Moon
It's Witchcraft
Witchy Woman
This Magic Moment
Tha Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
The Witch Doctor
Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead
devil came down to georgia
Devil Woman
we're off to see the wizard
Black Magic Woman
Horny Little Devil
stairway to heaven (backwards)
Devil with the blue dress on
Do you believe in magic?
Magical mystery tour
That voodoo that you do

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Ooo eee ooo ah ah
Ting tang walla walla bing bang

I saw jerry falwel on tv last night, , they were talking about how christ has been taking out of public arena in america, and he blew it when the intervewer asked what about other faiths , should they not also be included , and he replied , "if you go to saudi arabia or pakistan, would you have that right" isn't that what we are suppose to be about, rights for all citizens, regardless of religion? I could not believe he used that as his arguement.
Very, very wise comment, larry. I absolutely agree.
Slayer- Black Magic

Cursed black magic night
We've been struck down
Down in this Hell
Spells surround me day and night
Stricken by the force of evil light
The force of evil light

Cast under his spell
Blinding my eyes
Twisting my mind
Fight to resist the evil inside
Captive of a force of Satan's might
A force of Satan's might

Fighting the curse
Break it I must
Laughing in sorrow
Crying in lust

My strength slips away
Soon I must fall
Victim of fortune
My sources grow small
Life slips away
as demons come forth
Death takes my hand
and captures my soul

The classic of classics!

You HAVE GOT to see this:
http:// led-zeppelin. j1media .com/

Everyone who's ever surfed the internet's probably heard it before, but I just discovered it.
Yeah, it's impressive, but i think it's kind of hard to write a song (and a good one, for that matter) that reveals satanic messages when played backwards.
Unless you believe Page/Plant were really inspired by the Prince of Darkness (no, not that Prince)...

Page bought Boleskin House on the shores of Loch Ness because it was owned by his favourite black magician (and drug addicted, misogynist pervert) Aleister Crowley. So he was certainly thinking that way. It was also rumoured that Jimmy Page did sell his soul to the devil. After John Bonham died he publicly distanced himself from all that black magic spooky bullshit.
People who do magic for selfish or immoral purposes are just the biggest losers ever.

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