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[+] serious ballot by LCD

who do you think was the most 'honest' president of all time?

Hasn't been conceived yet...
Bill Clinton
John Adams
Theodore Roosevelt
Harry S. Truman

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Nixon, LOL!
none of them
I think Jimmy Carter is probably the most sincere.

Jimmy for sure.
when carter came out of office, he was deeply in debt. He said he started writing books to pay off his debt. He was one president that was not bought and paid for by the special interests.
by LCD [+]

What about honest Abe?
Lol who was the moron who said regan? he was the asshole who soled weapons of mass distruction to Sadam in the first place, resulting in the murdurer murduring manny innocent kurds.
and bombing big bunkers!
and gassing great gangs
annoying agitated ayatollahs
straddling stupendous stiffies. oops where did that come from!
Holy Shit!!! Somebody put CLINTON up there!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!
Anyone who'd willingly admit to being attacked by a killer rabbit has GOT to be honest. That, or out of his gourd...
People just feel sorry for a loser like Carter...
It was Utah/Keanu for sure, dudes. He was the most honest ex-president of the United States because he only robbed the bank to save Tank Girl/Lori Petty.
danny: If that "loser" accomplished more than you ever will in several lifetimes ... what does that make you?
"danny: If that "loser" accomplished more than you ever will in several lifetimes ... what does that make you? "

I am still young, how can you say that?

Nixon did what was right and saved hundreds of lives in Vietnam even when the democrats in congress where too stubborn to comply with him. Nixon went on to travel around the world and bring nations together. He mentored Clinton even a bit in the early '90s and told him how to lead America. Clinton got ADVICE from a republican. Nixon should be rememberd as one of the great presidents in American history because he accomplished so much those 5 1/2 years. He was one of the best forein policy presidents of all time. The 'Clinton' of foreign policy you might say. (Clinton had good economy, but had a scandal and had to deal with republicans in congress). Just like Nixon but everythings the other way around.
I would say Bill Clinton is, but it depends on what the meaning of is is.
LMFAO ceejj!
When Bill Clinton ranks over Abe Lincoln in this ballot something is really wrong with this country or the makeup of the Site. LMAO! Carter, although a complete and utter failure as President, deserves to be near the top for his principles alone. There's no doubt about Reagan as even most Democrats would agree. But putting Clinton up on this ballot is a joke! C'mon people! Can't we at least be reasonable on something like this?

Good grief! Clinton was a talented and smart man, no doubt. He had certain talents that he brought to the office, but one of them was NOT honesty!
HELLO? I have a question for any pinhead that picked Clinton:

Is you nuts?

Answer: I guess that all depends on what you feel the meaning of is, is!


My choices are Carter and Abe. Honesty is the question we're answering to, not who made the best President.
hahahah why is CLINTON on the list
Probably James Carter. But to me, there's no such thing as an honest politician.
Bill Clinton was not honest you morons!!! Just because he was the last democrat president doesnt mean all you democrats have to vote for him
Since the President is a politician...
Lets see an honest politician...
Isn't that called an OXY-MORAN!

I need to work on my typing.

No one should be voting for clinton, if this were a best president thing then the roosevelts would probably be higher up
Carter for's why he beat's why he lost to proof that honesty, integrity, and intelligence are not the only requirements necessary to be a great US President. They need to have grit, also.

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