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[+] ballot by CouchGnome

more crime, more illegitimate children, more welfare.... will America eventually become a 3rd world country?

no but dumb people like you will
If you mean the filthy rich, yeppers
hell yeah,already happening
European immigrant groups were once considered bad
not just america. europe too
Ancestors of "white" Americans were all immigrants
they're doing their best
mexicans are native americans-welcome home!
I thought White peole did that?
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Are you telling me that anybody who is not white is a minority, because if so there are more of us then whites so technically speaking thats makes whites the minorit, they have nothing in common with anybody else.SOME white people are raised to hate. I know this girl, we have been friends since elementary school, and whenever her parents were around she did not look in my direction, so you know she did not bother to speak. One day I asked her why does she act as if I'm not her friend when her parents and older brother are around, she told me that her parents told her and her brother and sister that black people were very bad people and never to trust or speak to them, only if she absolutely had to. She said her father has I Hate Nigers tattooed on his right shoulder, and he never speaks to black people. White people are brain washed and taught to hate the people the want so badly to be like. White people have no talent, no rhythm, no nothing. All other races have things that there culture, or race is know for, for example
Blacks (African Americans) (colored people)
Have there own food, dance, and music, and most of them are very athletic, we can learn just about anything and master it! (GOLF)(Quarterback, The black quarterbacks now are better then any white quarterback (don’t think that we don’t know about the theory behind the Quarterback position, because we do, and we are better)
Have different beautiful shades of brown complexions, and different hair textures, allowing them to get just about any hairstyle. They have beautiful full lips, nice plump behinds, and the majority has nice high cheekbones. They age nice and slow! They have RYTHM
Hispanics (colored people)
Have a beautiful tan color skin complexion, have there own type of food, dance, and music. They are very skilled people. They age nice and slow! They have RYTHM
Have a beautiful tan color skin complexion, have there own type of food, dance, and music. They are very skilled people. They age nice and slow! They have RHYTHM
Have different beautiful shades of brown complexions, have there own type of food, dance, and music. They age nice and slow! They have RHYTHM
Middle Easterners
Have different beautiful complexions, have there own type of food, dance, and music. They have RHYTHM
All of the above races have more of something that the white race has less to none at all, Do you know what that is? Melon, they have Melon in there skin!
When white people get mad they turn RED
When they are cold they are BLUE
When they get sick they are GREEN
When it's summer they lay in the sun to get TAN
But they call us COLORED people.
It seems like they’re the colored people :) :)
SOME white people are very hateful and have no backbone. They’re Weak!
SOME Black or Hispanics are not lazy at all, and not the only people who steal.
I work in a prison and you would not believe some of the things that some white people do, but it’s funny how they never make the news, I wonder why? Then again I don’t because I already know, and so do you!
The ballot who will win a race war sucks!

You know what couchgnome your soo right. mexican border-jumpers who comit unbelievable crimes involing drugs and other things. I mean white people commit crimes to but you have to realize that people that arent supposed to be in this county in the first place are in prison to. we need to make more stick laws on immagrants. I mean i dont really mind if an immgrant comes to this county and prosper and flourish but if there coming here and commit crimes and destroys the USA then we need to deport them.
Hobbies of minorities:
Mexicans: Breeding
Blacks:Drugs/ Violence/ rapping about violence/ Being loud/ Talking like they never graduated the 1st grade
Indians:Firework stands/ Peyote
Whites:Gaining knowledge/ Learning/ Reading/ working/ Teaching/ Babysitting Blacks in jail.

The United States is and always has been a multi-cultural nation. It's only recently, however, that minority cultures in our country have gained any appreciable political and economic power. There are still many inequities, though.
Deport the hateful people here and America can be a great nation. Shut up with the 'make America white! how its supposed to be' bullshit. America is not and never was white. Whites, like many others are purely immigrants from another continent. Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, etc all have as much right to be here as a white person would. Not targeting whites or anything, but you will hardly see any racism from another race on this site. Peace.
Don't blame the minorities. I'm more worried about the majority.
Maybe it will become a 3rd world country when all non-white first world countries break ties with it . Or when all black people leave and take all the best athletes with them and start their own NBA in a Nation of choice in Africa .Also can't forget about the best vocalist too I guess best selling artist like Mariah Carey along with plenty of others would come too considering the one drop rule .What if we use copyrights to band Americans from using rock music and all other black inventions we wouldn't want you to use any of our ignant stuff your whiteness . Also when they take their billion dollar rap industry which you hate so much with them . Maybe all the so called " minority " criminals could get together and start a army and take on Amerikkka . Wow a whole lot of what ifs but let's be real Americans of all races make and made this country successful . Not just white people . Your own birth place ( Europe ) hates you and think you all are a bunch of idiots so I guess as a defense mechanism you guys must pick on the lesser amounts of people and blame all your troubles on them . I can uderstand that I use to blame all my problems on my big brother too when I was 6 yrs. old but , then I grew up .

Well you should add to that list of whites giving birth to a few idiots like you dingleberry ever been anywhere outside of your stupid sheltered community . Ever known anybody besides people like yourself ? Ever got your ass kicked by a non - white person for talking crap to their face . I doubt the last one since Im pretty sure you wouldn't dare open your mouth to one in person would you ? It's kinda like your parents tell you when you go out to play for the first time " the dog with the loudest bark often has the sofest bite ." ( in your case the most abrasive bark ) . Grow up your like 20 something and still hold the views of a backwater inbred 6 yr. old
As for bad Grammar for a entire country that speaks English American accents are very different so could America have bad grammar as well ? All people of all ethnicities on this web site that are racist only complain about other people but , can't take the heat when it's thrown right back at them . I've seen a bunch of people defending America when people from Canada and the U.K. bash it . Always saying you can't judge America by the media well shouldn't that stand for any person as well ? Sounds like hipocrisy doesn't it .

Nope,They are just gonna be a majority.
No, we want to RULE it instead...
i am sicilian and have my own culture and a natural year round tan. nothing is better than listening to italian music and we have toughness too. i got family in the mob. sicilian pride. fuck all you

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