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And that life on the Earth was a one off fluke that would never be repeated throughout space and time. That the universe was full of lifeless planets and empty blackness, what effect would it have on you?

I personally would find it incredibly depressing, even though the chances are i would never have seen any other life in my lifetime even if it HAD existed. How would you feel?

I wouldnt care
i would be glad
i would be dissapointed
i would be incredibly depressed
i would kill myself
I would feel very alone
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disapointed probably
That would be awful.
The Republicans and Coporate America would demand and end to the space program since there would obviously be no money making opportunies out there.
Either way, whether alone or not, the idea is somewhat disturbing, but I don't believe we are. It would be incredibly unlikely that would be an evidence that our being here, in all the universe, would be a 'fluke.'
by aya [+]

I'd feel the need to get piss drunk..
I would be somewhat disappointed, but I'd get over it pretty soon. We know for sure that at least the vast majority of the planets in the universe are lifeless.
Hmm. Interesting question. I voted incredibly depressed. However, I find the scenario impossible. You can never know what possible characteristics other lifeforms may have, so even if we did eventually develop methods to track down other lifeforms, they just might not be the right methods. Who is to say what 'life' really requires outsideo of planet, nor what other possible senses other beings may have. An alien could be right with you, perhaps even trying to react with you, and you wouldn't have the sensory capability to be alerted to it... hmmmm....
Mmmmmmm Vicodin.... there are other planets on this life!!!
Voted : i would be dissapointed
I'd feel almost the same way as you, Rubber.

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