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[+] ballot by Dad2DaBone

Well? Now, don't give me any opinions based on second hand (so-to-speak) information, I just want the hard facts as YOU *know* them. Especially from the ladies as most guys get horny eating breakfast....LMAO!

Asparagus - Oh yeah!
Mashed Potatoes - Whew!
Anything involving whipped cream in a spray can
vodka ;)
T bone steak
raw beaver
Female secretions
Good beer, but not in excess
Outback Steakhouse steak

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Good job Nate! Oh yeah, baby!
Tadpole - It's nice to finally know that Vodka was from one of our major food groups. LOL! Ohhhhh baby, I wanna take you out for dinner!
Chocolate - Hot, hot, hot - We got it. We only have one rule - Never, ever let it cool. Stir it up in the pot. Soon you got - Hot choco-laaaaaate!
Zig - I DO believe you're right! Nice!
Polar Express...gotcha and yes vodka is a's got some sort of grain stuff in it and some sugar. Oh and don't forget the lime in it! That counts!
T bone steak, that stuff goes strait to my c..k
by ABC [+]

For food oatmeal is supposed to be the strongest aphrodisiac if you can believe it.
strawberries dipped in chocolate
Lollipops. Woahh.

"I tell you what to do.
You put the lime in the vodka and drink it all up. You put the lime in the vodka and call me in the morning."

Faith and Cherry,

I'm right there with ya! Oh yeah! I think the chocolate actually has a physical affect, while the lollipops and strawberries might just be a mental thingy, eh! Whatever works!

this isn't exactly what the ballot is about but... MEN-- apparently if we eat a lot of celery it sends off oderless... things that turn on women,, i read this months ago. take it for what you will, but who knows maybe it does work
Hey Raw - I don't know my man. I have a feeling it would just give me really stringy crap!? LMAO!
aight daddybones,,, suit yourself,,, more ladies for me
Doof - Female secretions? Ugggggh! You have a certain way with words!
Sorry, I like the way my woman tastes... like a fine Mexican feast.
And actually, there's a big list of foods to eat or avoid. Below is only a partial list...

Eat: Pineapple, fruits (esp. citrus), parsley, celery, and sweet liqueurs (in moderation!) or high quality beer (not cheap stuff!).

Avoid: Tomato (and forms of tomato sauce), onions & garlic, asparagus, dairy products, and animal proteins.

Lobster, sausage, hotdogs, churros, chocolate bananas, pickels

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