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what is one biggest thing wrong with the internet today?

too much porn
too litttle porn
too much power in search engines
too many weirdos
to many damn pop ups
Too addictive and not very productive
Too much censorship
money corrupted - thievery, cheating, exploitation
Too many ads
nothing new

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Too many bastard viruses. I'm infected now, and Norton Antivirus cant suss the buggers!
1) Too much porn
2) Too much spam
3) Too much porn spam

I am SICK of getting explicit email messages from porn sites. I never open them, but the subject lines alone are nauseating.

uk05: Get a Macintosh!

The Utopian dream isn`t working. The idea that the internet was going to be the brave new world is over. It needs a rethink. I don`t care what anyone says. Virus and porn and all the biased none edited crap that goes to make up the internet are all things that you allow to happen. To get a virus youve let your guard down. To get porn emails then either you or someone who uses the computer must be allowing these things up. I have email accounts that dont get spammed, why? They certainly get used.
Whats the answer though? A board of governors??? Lol I dont think so. A group of say superusers like here? No that wouldn`t do either! We need some sort of minesweeper program that destroys porn and virus links back to source and wipe these f^%kers out. Wishful thinking perhaps. I think its odd that internet companies have the ability to do just that! Oh look weve been hacked. They dont block the user they disconnect them. Just like that. The internet as it stands is not what people wanted. or hoped for.

I tried to run the internet on my Tv remote and I got Fox so it`s probably a bad thing all round

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