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What country do you think is the United States of America's greatest ally. Why?
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I sometimes wonder if Britian really is.
I sometimes wonder if its really Ireland
Have you noticed that most of the Americans that indulge in this American / Brit crap seem to be school age :o)
I smellll ... *Sniff Sniff* Clearasil. ;o)
If I had to choose I'd say Australia. They're most similar to us culturally and are probably more loyal than Britain.
*Cough* Exception to the rule *Cough*
To be fair and balanced, most of the Brits that do it are too.
for all any of them have been worth lately,it might as well be the Isle of Misfit Toys
The UK, in my opinion without a doubt. Great Britain and America share many values and England's influence on America is still felt to this day. An influence I might add that I welcome. I hope the US and Great Britain are always allies because we can trust them like no other country.
Internal, are you by chance Australian? Actually, I really should add that overall, Canada, Australia and the UK are all told great allies.
our opinions are not wanted patch
*Spoken to Larry in case his comment disappears ;o)* Larry, That wasn't aimed at you, lol.
I'm British, Patch.
There are many great brits. However I lot on this site are very anti-American. From my reasearch it has been British users stiring up trouble between the two. Over all, Britian and the British people are ok.
South Korea is a great ally. Following Britain, they have the second largest contigency of allied troops in Iraq right now. 3,600 South Koreans are sationed in Iraq. Tony Blair has the right idea when it comes to foreign policy, I think, but a lot of Britains aren't very fond of his decision..from what I can tell. So I wouldn't call the UK one of our greatest allies right now.
correction: they are ONE OF our greatest allies, but theoretically, not the best.
Dani, if South Korea follows Great Britain, then according to that logic, Great Britain is a better ally than South Korea, but then you go on to write that Great Britain is theoretically not the best. Well! Don't leave us hanging...which country is then? If you think South Korea is good...think again! Their people are out in the streets every day denouncing us...and, their people labeled us the single greatest threat to the world...and, the South Koreans just stabbed us in the back and rejected our proposals for dealing with North Korea and are SENDING a delegation of South Koreans to KISS the ASS of KIM JUNG IL. Oh yeah...such great allies the South Koreans.
If I had to put my life into the hands of South Korea, or a South Korean individual, vs. into the hands of the UK or any citizen of the UK, hands down, I'd trust the UK any day without question.
^^ The voice of Sanity!
Without a doubt it is the CommonWealth.

Britain, Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland, Canada, Australia. They have always stood by us, and we have always stood by them. Besides what better places are there than Swansea, Belfast, London, Perth, or Edinburgh?

*Cough* and Liverpool *Cough*
Great Britain, by a thousand miles! Could have added Australia, New Zealand, but in terms of military power, you have to acknowledge the Brits.


England by a thousand miles! A little testy but well worth it! Like the Commonwealth as well, but in terms of power and loyalty, England is tops!

Of course, we are their loyal allies as well (Remember the Falklands and our refueling of their ships in the face of widespread anger among South American countries). We love England, and we love to copy them. As much as we love them, we are just now experiencing our first King (George).

Seriously, England is our most powerful ally, and we love them.


Double ballot, again. Sorry.
Bush, Blair, and Republican_Rightwing are still wankers though, other than thay it's all good.
Whoever has the oil.
Ok, well I figured if South Korea had so many troops in Iraq that they were really an ally. I didn't know much about the citezens and ordinary peeps of South Korea.
The one with the most Oil! Isn't that obvious?
England. I'd go to war with England, if they ever needed the help. Good people those English.
I know I made this ballot so I shouldn't really be posting anything, but I can't help it. I read in a few places that England is like the United States more than any other country in Europe. Not that they are more loyal to America than Europe, but more similar.
Japan broke their own constitution and sent the troops to Iraq.Cuz Koizumi(prime minister)is Mr Bush's toy poodle.Great insult to bad.Koizumi was very happy when Bush invited him to his Tex ranch.Literally wagging tail.I was talking to bunch of my fellow Japanese.They all said,"It's just sad..."
Cough WW2 ... couch splutter ... had to be bombed to 'become' an ally ...mutter ... help out the UK ....
I am Australian. As a typical Australian I support the ANZUS and ANZAC treaties and have a strong attachment to England but not Europe in which I believe France and Germany in particular are in business and economic competion against us. At any one time there are about 300000 Australians from a population of 20 million living in England and this is perhaps the best demonstration of our continuing historical and cultural ties.

All Australians support our close ties with the England, New Zealand, USA, Canada. We are cousins, we are each others blood, so why would anyone expect us not to be shoulder to shoulder in our international relations?

Anyone who does not understand this blood relationship does not understand Australian culture.

Anyone who calls themself Australian and does not understand and support this blood relationship is at best misguided and at worse a traitor refusing to integrate into Australian culture.

You do realize upstandingmale that the US was isolationist back then. Americans back then viewed Europeans as hopeless, always warring with one another. We get critized by many people in your country for going around and sticking our nose in other peoples business and when we show up late for yet another european war (WW2) we get critized for that. A bit of a damned if we do and damned if we don't attitude. I guess when the trouble was in your own backyard the US looked pretty good.
In terms of ally. I would say Canada. The US does buy lots and lots of oil from my country, and since we are so close, trade is very common.
England, Japan, and Canada are in the same boat really. There all even. England is a little America in Europe and the Revolution was 300 years ago so were besties now. Canada is Americas little brother and has no other choice then be our best freind or be annexed by the US. Japan fought us in a grissly war from 1941-1945 but we sent our leaders there. The japanese found out that they like America better than what there emporor and government told them. Once the whole emporor is god shit was dropped Japan was like Americas right arm in the East.
We bombed Japan to submission and they love us now. We saved the south Koreans from being genocided by the North. We also saved Israel from the Evil dry desert around them. As for Russia I wont go their. Tensions are still strong and They are our Soviet Arch nemisises still in 2012.

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