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In a sea battle between the British Royal Navy and Pirates, who do you want to win?

Royal Navy

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ARRRRGH! Me family derives from good pirate stock, and 'tis the hated English we're speakin' of here!
Captain Morgan, one of the most infamous pirates of all time was made Governor of Jamaica by the King of England...
by zig [+]

So perhaps they weren't too far removed from one another at one time.
by zig [+]

British Roay Navy, hands down. They are the second best Navy in the world...the US has the best :) Now that comment will surely stir up the sh*t.

the biggest navy doesnt make the best.
research the spanish armada fool.

britain still has the best navy and the history to prove it, but dont worry, america is still second

Britain's navy is the third best. US and Russia has better navies.
you can keep saying that all you want but without backing it up with evidence you just look a fool.
usa and russia have bigger navies but britain is still the best.
again why do you presume usa has any better navy than russia?

Russia might have loads of ships but they are all just pieces of floating rust.

I would agree that the Royal Navy is the best, but we the fact that we actually lost any ships at all in the Falklands makes me think that perhaps the US Navy could be better.

we lost ships because they didn't have the weapons to combat the exocet missile. they do now. The main problem with the RN is that despite Blair using the Armed forces more than any PM since WW II he's cut the resources right to the bone, hence why every year the Navy gets smaller.
Voted : Royal Navy
Are you talking about the Somalia Pirates terrorizing the sea? They are a threat to the public.

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