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[+] serious ballot by CouchGnome

The common stereotype of the southerner is hardly flattering. The US media except for Fox News portrays southerners as slow-witted inbreds. Is this fair? What do you think?

stems back to pellegra outbreak in civil war
slow reconstruction of the south
it's hot in the south and people talk slower there
non-southerners are prejudiced
they are mentally inferior

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faahck youse guys.
IMO, people seem to make fun of southerners to try an make the blacks feel better in some way. It all goes back to the slavery days..
Because cowboys ain't much for book-learnin'.
i don't think it's particulary fair to brand ALL southerners like JohnnyReb
by aya [+]

People like to criticize anyone different from themselves. MAG_goth
As a way to boost their own self esteem and insecurities.
I don't know. I like the sound of the southern accent. Unless I am in a hurry or if it is someone who is supposed to be an expert talking in that drawl, then I automatically get impatient.
When I was in the Air Force, I was staioned in the south. I never got that impression from the general public. I think the movie Forrest Gump said it best; "stupid
is as stupid does"
I mean when it comes accents in the USA, how those New Englanders with that Pawk yer Caw in the yawd stuff.

It's because majority of the southerners are very religious and nowdays anyone who goes by Bible instead of science is considered crazy or mentally inferior.
There is a general tendency to believe that people with southern accents (obviously in places other than the south) are of lower intelligence. Silly, of course, but real.

Southern speech is characterized by not clearly ending words and sentences. In more northern speech, words and sentences are more clearly clipped at their ends. We tend to correlate intelligence with this clipped speech because it is modeled by most newscasters and teachers. And, the reason we have newscasters with clipped speech is that Southerners can understand Northern speech quite easily, but Northerns cannot easily comprehend much of Southern speech.

So, we sometimes get the impression that when cannot understand something that it is inferior.

In reality, intelligence is probably distributed in the same fractions in both north and south.

"faahck youse guys."

I heard that alot and just like that too growing up in a Massachusetts.That's poor white talk where I come from.You pretty much nailed it JR.

Actually to address the part of the inbreeding I believe that inbreeding is not nearly as common among southerners as it is among arabs and jews.

It's the result of in-breeding.

Grapost, we outlawed inbreeding years ago. It's the only way we could score the really hot chicks.

Seriously, it's a matter of judging the many by the deeds of a few. Well, in the case of MY part of the South, a few MORE. There are plenty of intelligent people here in the South.

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