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[+] joke ballot by minni_the_minx

Can you think of any amusing book titles and authors? Please add them to the list below.

Babysitting by Justin Casey Wails
Forestry by Tereasa Green
Public conveniences by I.P Freely
Have Fun Spitting by Joy Fleming
The Mystery Manual by Mr Emmanuel
The art of boasting by Ivor biggun
Under the Bleechers by Seymore Butts
Over the Cliff by Hugo First
Nail in the Bannister by Arse Tornoff
Brown Stain On Wall by Hoo Flung Dung
Sex With Food by Ben Inya
The Art Of Self Love by Ima Wayne Kerr
Down On The Farm by Ray Pin Cowes
When Nothing Comes To Mind by Atah Helwidit
My Plan To Make A Million by Salem Distome
Sexually Transmitted Diseases by Ivan Cockburn
How To Meet Women by Heywood Jablomey
What Is This Burning Sensation? by Dick Hertz
Inside Neverland Ranch by Holden and Sharon Dix
Paris Hilton Biography by Lotta Cox
Tiger's Revenge by Claude Balls
Confessions of a Peeping Tom by I. Sawyer Bush
How to make donuts by Kris P. Cream
Yellow river by i. p. daley
Brown Spots on the Wall by Hugh Flung Poo
50 days on the Saddle by Major Azzburn.
Naugty by Nutsone Ice
Lizards by Eeg wauna
100 Yards to the Outhouse by Willie Maikit; illustrated by Betty Wont
The Moons of Uranus by Rosie Cheeks
Headaches by M.I.Grains
Making Tea by Phil .a. Kettle
Flying Crap by Hu Flung Dung
Safety Around Dogs by R. Stornaway
Nymphomaniacs by Anita Byrd
The Fabled Tapestry of Paragon by Clark Peterston
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I enjoy the works of Honoré de Balzac, but I really don't need to see so much Balzac in front of my face.
Confessions of a sugar addict" by Moore,Candy
I think my list of funny existing book titles is much better -
Toilet Humour by Moustaffa Wiiwii, Illustartions by Willy Makit and Betty Wont
Tax Rises by Robin U Blind
SeaBirds by Al Batross

Voted : The Fabled Tapestry of Paragon by Clark Peterston
It's a funny book with a hint of scifi. More info at

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