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Heya.I was hearing that there were photos of American soldiers raping an Iraqi woman so I decided to check if its true or not so I went to yahoo and typed Abu-ghraib rape and clicked images and it was true!Go see it yourself.Its so awful.What do you think?

Yes,its awful.
No,its normal.
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How credible are these? Are we sure they are authentic?
They rape their own female comrades why wouldn't they rape someone else. An American officer in Bosnia forced oral sex on an 11 year old girl, killing her in the process. We really are the invading barbarians.
I think we still need to be careful about generalizing this kind of behaviour to the military, in general.

If true, it definitely needs to be addressed. But we should be cautious as to the width of the tarbrush.

If this is true, the soldier should receive a lenghty prison term. Weebles, by that logic, all Iraqis and Muslims, for that matter, are head-chopping, Westerner-kidnapping, terror-spreading suicide bombers. Is that true? No, and neither is your last line.
Its true but i bet none of them had a raping tool as big as mine.
why don't we check every country and find out how many people were raped and make a general analogy that all those people in that country are rapest, or every armed forces of every country, don't try to tell me that no one souldier except for american have gone astray .

But I guess their rape would not be as awful as one done by an american.

weeble-you aborted a baby, how can you call anyone barbaric?? The stench of hipocracy is all over you.

Hope they enjoyed that skanky pussy
Its a lie! I do not believe for one minute that our soldiers would rape them. Lies.
And just so you all know, since I have ruled on this all being lies, this debate is over!!
Cathexis is right, you cant define our military by the actions of a few people. I spent 4 years in the Marines and I can tell you this isnt as common as some people would want us to think. As a matter of fact, these things happen far more among civilians.
and being in so many places around the world, we they are totally in the spotlight. I know my bro is not a rapest and it errrrks me so much when people generalize
Rape among soldiers has been reported throughout history all over the world in many many wars, it would not surprise me if this were true. There are a lot of sick men in this world and I wouldnt be surprised if it were true. But we really shouldnt generalise and say that "american soldiers" are raping Iraqi women, if it is happening, the offenders should be dealt with accordingly.
I think that urban legend was shot down a while back.
Sorry if I offended anybody!I wasnt generalizing the whole US military,I just meant a couple of soldiers.I know most of these soldiers are hereos.
I should have realized this being your ballot, you would not generlize drinkaholic , sorry
Yeah, well you know what drinkaholic!! Okay, we forgive you :) Sorry we all seemed to jump down your throat that way.
Oh NO.. ALL of our soldiers arent perfect!?!? Because everyone else in the world is!!! How could we allow United States soldiers to be the only people in the world to act badly??? What horrible people we are!
It could be a photomontage. Then again I wouldn't be suprised if they did do it.
According to Bushy-logic it isn't rape if you are doing it to promote democracy. Just like it isn't torture, if you are doing it to promote democracy.
Last big story of americans raping iraqi women happened to have come from a fetish porn site specializing in that sort of thing. Didn't stop al jazeera from playing it and never offering a retraction.

Anyway, I'll remain skeptical for the moment, the media has done nothing lately to earn a whole lot of credibility.

Cletus he was sentenced to life in fed prison.
no body said the entire military are rapists dumb holes.

but it is extremly naive of you to think all soldiers IN OUR ARMY are saintly choir boys all the time. that's just stupid.

Your sincerity is missing.

What's more aweful, is that never have I seen you make a similar comment or ballot regarding images of innocent humans being bound and helpless, having their heads sawed off while they are still alive.

Your enthusiasm, drooling and euphoria over your ballot and photos hardly represents concern or pity for a rape victim.

Of course we shouldn't be surprised. After all the Arab-Palistinians celebrated 9/11, as they do the deaths of Israeli school children blasted to pieces on buses.

As your motto states: "A day without laughter is a day wasted".

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