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I'm usually broke, but I always have some money to spare through borrowing, which i need for clubs, bus fare, food. Luckily, I don't have to pay tuition. How did you handle things in college? I'm putting this in the private section in case there is anything personal anyone wants to put up that isn't open to the whole wide world. Embarrasing stories allowed too!

mooched off my parents
motorcycle courier
worked in factory, washed dishes in restaurant
Math tutor
Fix computers
Sell Drugs
English tutor
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There are web sites that show Uni students 'working' for their money.
The essentials like clubs, lol. I DJ'd, it meant that I didn't have a day off though. I went to college in the week and worked the weekends and some week day nights. The good thing about DJin' is that you get paid a lot of money for getting drunk and partying. Ahhh College days, best days off your life ;o)
I was careful with my spending though.
I convinced my father to get a second job.
I do several things. I have loans and scholarships. During the regular year I usually get paid for my research and right now I'm working for the Princeton Review lecturing general chemistrry to pre-med students. My first year I worked as a shoe salesman and my second as a pizza delivery driver.
My parents paid my tuition and gave me money. They gave me a substantial bank account, so I didn't really need to ask them for more. I held jobs for two summers but never had a regular job.
I tutored other students, mostly in basic calculus and trig, first for the university I attended and later for myself. IC, exactly WHERE was this college you went to? I think I chose the wrong institution of higher learning...
Oh, I forgot. For one semester, I was an escort, walking female students back to their dorms from main campus after it got dark. The university started the program after a series of attacks on women in the area.
I worked for some company, fixing computers.
I became an entrepreneur by selling used condoms in the classrooms.
I got a huge student loan and then bummed money of my parents for a year.

IMO you shouldn't be working when you're in school. There's plenty of time for that later.

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