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Who is the sexiest female bi-otch to walk this earth
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LCD : on Nov 21, 2014 because John Lewis is a nigger.

Lucy Lu
nadia bjorlin
all of those chicks are ugly
lance bass
Shania Twain
Stacy Kiebler
That chick from Lizzie McGuire
A baby chicken
Carmen Electra
Catherine Zeta Jones
Kristen Blough
Angelina Jolie
banu alkan
Liz Hurley
Jeri Ryan
Nadia Blade
Kibariyenin annesi
Hilal Cebeci
delta goodrem
Emma Bunton
Lindsay Lohan
my wife
Kim Smith
Angela Cavagna
my girlfrind
Adriana Lima
Anna Faris
liv tylor
Charlize Theron
Salma Hayek
Claudia Black
monica bellucci
Winona Ryder - absolutely by far
There's no such thing. There are too many
that chick in braveheart
Kaan Sezyum
anna kournikova
Lord Micheal Jackson
Heather Graham
siktigim OZLEM
rashida ward
Nishanguthina Varanmanjanathram
Jane Krakowski
Big carrie
Any girl with curly hair and a great ass
Sara Svanberg
Deniz Tankuter
Mother Theresa
Marlana from hermitage high school
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Alba
vida gurrea
Sabryn Genet
Rahsan Ecevit
Lena Katina
Jenna Jameson
SEZEN AKSU (The Queen)
Uncle Oscar
Jennifer Love Hewwit
Jordan Capri
Sanna Lathan
Mila Jovovitch
Veronica Zemanova
Julieanne Moore
khleos_grrl all the way!!!!!
Brooke Burke
Scarlet Johansen
Christina Aguilera
Britney Spears
sandra burnhart :)
Amanda Bynes
Angela Marie Brady
Queen Elizabeth
Tara Patrick
Elisha Cuthbert
vida samadzai-afghani beauty
mckenzie bennett
Katey segal
Brody Dalle
Courtney Love
Nikki Brown
Jewel Kilcher
Elizabeth Hurley
gwen stifanny
Jennifer Garner
Any one who doesn't weigh over 600 pounds
Meg Ryan
monica lewinski
eliza dushku
kirsten dunst
suzie wilkes
renee zellweger
Rebecca Gayheart
Alyson Hannigan
Michelle Branch!
Barbara Bush
Sarah Jessica Parker
The Doritoes babe!
Raven Symone
jade marcela
emma watson(hermione)
vida guerra
holly valence
Dixie Chicks
Melissa Barrington
maggie leducc
Zoe Johnson
a n y g i r l f r o m a z e r b a i j a n
Rita MacNeil
carol alt
Calista Flockhart
Meredith Donnelly
my girl
janet jackson
joan of ark
the Olsen twins! ...CMON! TWINS!!!!
Kristen Chapman...the most beautiful woman ever!!!
Nicole Kidman
Bea Arthur
Stephanie Mc Mahon
Rene Russo
Sara M Ruiz
Mia Sara
Olivia D'abo
Dana Delaney
Sara Rue
Uma Thurman
Aishwarya Rai
Uliana and Taya
lita from wwe
Jennifer Aniston
Julie Knolle
Anne Archer
Yuna from FF X-2
michelle rodriguez
Vanessa Paradis
Halle Berry
Kate Bosworth
Daniella Pestova
Valeria Forte
Kristin Kreuk
Sue Farese
Trish Stratus
Keira Knightley
Mary The Mother Of Jesus, God's Wife
kym whitley
eve ellis
I am
jennifer jason leigh
Khleos_grrl is the Hottest ever!
Your Steamy Sister
Sammi B
Cassandra Cosgrove
Sophie Marceau
kylie minogue
laurie dhue
Alley Baggett
Sandra Bullock
Pamela Anderson Lee
Abby Seger
jenifer aniston
Cameron Diaz
Miss Cock Sucker
Avril Lavigne
Angie Everhart
rachel stevens
Helen Hunt
Mischa Barton from the OC
Karen McDougal - Playby PMOY 1998
Pattie and Selma Bouvier
siti nurhaliza
Alyssa Miliano
Drew Barrymore
hilary duff
Karla Krasky.
jessica alba1
mackenzie macfadden
Kristen Batdorf
shannon elizabeth
Amber Benson
Yasemin Kozanoglu
julia roberts
too many to list
WTF put Michael Jackson?!
Jane Darling
dot from eastenders
angela devi
laura wedgewood
cassie buck
Kona Carmack
Emma Caulfield
Emily MacGregor
jaime presley
hayley allister
Linda Mullins, Conroe Tx.
Mackenzie Rosman
Aselin Debison
Michelle Varga
joey heatherton
Carmella Decesare
tara reid
Serena Williams
Katie O'Donald
Michael Jackson (NO ME)
Laura Bush
Michelle Pheiffer
Ariane Hingst
Aly Cat
Casie Jefferson
christie brinkley
Rachael Ray (food network)
jennifer connely
Carmen Bin Laden
Melissa Joan Hart
Anita Pallenberg 30 years ago
Miriam Anderson (model)
Rachel Taylor
kiera knightly
Laura Prepon
Liv Tyler
Alisha Klass
Kirstie Allsopp (from UK Channel 4)
Amanda Peet
Gillian Anderson (Scully)
If you're looking for your name, it aint here!
Annette Benning
Sarah Oren
Roseanne Bar
Nicole Richie
Samantha Fox
Ashley Nelson
Carmen Kass
holly valance
Carmella DeCesesar
Vida Gurrera
Brigette Desvaux
the girl next door
Kate Walsh
Kelly Weaver
Pamela Anderson
Paula Horak
Caterine Bell
kala spence
Lesa helleksen
Jessica Biel
Gillian Anderson
travis barker(rapeable)
amanda williams
Dakota Fanning
Rhona Rydell
Lisa Sample
fantasia borino
Emma Watson "HP"
Tawnee Stone
Shu Qi
Stephanie Smith
Emma Watson
maria sharapova
Tamilee Webb
selina cheng
catherine hicks
petek dincgot
Kristen Davis
Kelly Ripa
Jennifer Connelly
Mischa Barton
Maria Genero, TV news anchorwoman
Bryce Dallas Howard
The chicken that I'm cooking - (800'F)
It's really just a matter of individual opinion.
Amy Lee (Evenessance)
Who cares?
Christina Applegate
Lil Kim
Amy Acker
Charisma Carpenter
Michelle Trachtenberg
Sarah Michellle Gellar
shirley Manson
All Da Girls On The O.C.
Marisa Tomei
Aria Giovanni!!!!!!!!!
Nelly Furtado
holly marie combs
Emma Peel (Diana Rigg)
Virginia Hey
victoria silvstedt
rhonda rydell
Christina Ricci
sophia rossi
Marilyn Monroe
kim kardashian
Ron Jeremy
paige demers
Alyson Stoner
Nikki Cox
the cheetah girls (all three)
Gabrielle Anwar
robin meade
Miley Cyrus
Dawn Porter
Natalie Portman
jenifer hawkins
Masha Vang
caroline feran
megan good
Jessica Dalton
Bubbles ( of the Powerpuff girls)
Wonder Woman

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my next door neighbour
asian chicks are as hot as hell!
Hilal Cebeci is a Fuckin' bitch from turkey. Here is some pics
hilal cebeci is the slut of dogus;
jessica simpson is H.O.T.
angelina jolie
Dixie Chicks for sure
hell_yes, he can't rap, he thinks black, i mean who the fuck knows, cause the whites are back, because ur just a fag, i bet u never had, a girl no guys, just like ur dad, a no life quire who can't severe, well i fucked ur mom from here to there
ha ha i'm just joking man
God is One lucky bastard, Mary is smokin' hot!
yea man but see, i think after she had jesus, she made an oath to not get with anyone else, i mean would u want to cheat on the wrathful sun goddess of anatolia with some chick like mandy moore
Nikki Brown is the best person who gives sex
this ballot is sooooooo english, wot?
Obviously, I am.
Angie Everhart is the most drop-dead-gorgeous redhead in history, a supermodel, and if you don't know her you should look her up and jerk off to some of her pics. If I was a guy, I would too.
Mariah Carey, Thalia, Janet Jackson, Jessica Simpson, Mya, Beyonce & Kelly, Jennifer Lopez, and Jessica Alba
Alyson Hannigan, with Clea DuVall second. And then there's my g/f, and then there's... ME!
Amy Lee
Amber Benson, and Alanis Morissette second, and my beautiful g/f!
Charlize Theron and Carmen Electra.
Shania is a goddess... nuf said
no fucking way im gona read that whole list, i say whoever im wanking over, or whoever im boning
That would be the clone I made from the combined DNA of Kate Bosworth, Eliza Dushku, and Jennifer Garner.
No one asked u to read it bobus
Eliza Dushku all the way baby!
me. gaillor b. llorin!
vida guerra by a LONG ASS SHOT!!!
please vote for aly cat if she gets 25 she will lick me out
women think it's catherine zeta-jones, men think it's alyssa milano
The hottest chick in the world.....

I would have to say my girlfreind to stay on the safe side ; )

Is there anything more beautiful than a beautiful woman?
Sophia Loren and ANita Ekberg, from back in the day. Jayne Mansfield too.
Jessica Alba and Adriana Lima all the way! Grrrr... Damn they're sexy!
Linda Mullins from Texas is a goddest.
i would love to put my dick into emma watsons hot tight pussy and just as im about to shoot my load put it into her mouth so she can suck every drop of my hot cum
It's obvious people are going to put their own favorite.
Marilyn Mansons fucken DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!!
my favorite ballot so far
Whoever is the hottest chick in the world is really a matter of individual opinion to which each of us is entitled. Therefore, my choice of the hottest chick in the world is Maria Genero, the TV news anchorwoman formerly of WKBW-TV in Buffalo, NY. Naturally, the opinions of others will differ from mine but that's cool! Remember, we are still a free and democratic society --- more-or-less!
Christina aguilera or elisha cuthbert (the girl next door)
yo momma
Damn dude you put to many to consider, but I guess I'll have to choose my girlfriend so she doesn't get pissed off at me, even though she is hot when she gets mad.
my momma
Angie Jolie, of course

Voted : Jennifer Aniston
jennifer aniston rocks
jennifer aniston is so hot also stephanie mcmahon britney spears pamela anderson courtney cox trish stratus stacy keliber madonna barbra streisand in her day and many more but jennifer is the one i have wank over the most
jennifer aniston is my dream girl
Voted : Daniella Pestova

Check out

askmen. com

I would have voted for one of the brown hair, brown-eyed girls in the "Victoria's Secret" catalogue, but I don't her name... she is PERFECT in every way...

Claudia Black looks like a MAN! ??? Most of you here have not yet seen the light!

LOL... Claudia Black is so plain and probably would not even come CLOSE to any of the hot babes at this website...

Wanna see really pretty girls? Look at

supermodels . nl

(Remove spaces around the . )


ftv . com

The Brazilian supermodel Isabeli Fontana has an AMAZING face.

Most of the girls in the above ballot list (to choose from) only rate between a 5 to 8 out of 10, except Daniela Pestove (she is VERY hot)... but the girls at

supermodels . nl

would rate mostly between 8 to 10 in facial symmetry, features and body.

Best looking white girl?
Probably Pamela Bernier at supermodels . nl

Best looking Indian girl?
Former Miss World, Aishwarya Rai

Best looking Asian girl?
My wife, voted 10/10 by many modelling agencies

Best looking black or dark girl?
Alicia Keys OR Kala (Total goddess)

Best looking Arab/middle-eastern girl?
Don't know many by name, but Lebanese are hot!

Each race has different genetic qualities, so when you compare beauty, you should do so relative to the standards of beauty for that one particular race. You cannot go comparing apples with oranges, by comparing the beauty or looks of girls from different races, because no one race has the right to claim superiority over another. eg. some white guys might feel that white girls are more attractive than girls from any other race, because they were brought up to think that way in their western culture, with all the beauty magazines, movies and TV shows featuring mostly white girls. If you grew up in Africa, you would probably admire good looking brown skinned girls with different facial and genetic characteristics, and men there may find white girls too pale, skinny and strange looking.

francine drescher is the best
Voted : A baby chicken
no doubt of it
exactly blackcat06, I agree!

and whoever said adriana and jessica alba there of mixed race too

Jessica alba is hispanic and white
and yes adriana lima is brazillian
but brazillian ppl are mixed

Adriana has indian and african blood in her
she is also swiss (caucasian)
but she has very little swiss in her eventhough you could see it in her eyes (there blue)

she is mostly mixed with brown races

and I think everyone in this poll are very beautiful

jennifer aniston courtney cox stephanie mcmahon jennifer connelly and lots of other women so so hot
Voted : Jennifer Aniston
i wank over jennifer aniston

Voted : Jessica Simpson
Jessica simpson

Voted : Jennifer Aniston
i love wanking over jennifer aniston she makes me so hard
ME!!!! because im russian!!!
Voted : The chicken that I'm cooking - (800'F)
Voted : There's no such thing. There are too many
I tend to like Women that have a nice looking face along with bigger than averages Arms and Chests that are solidly built through lifting Weights. That is just the way my Hormones are!

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