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[+] serious ballot by CouchGnome

You know who I'm talking about. These same people blast their ghetto music out of their ghetto cars. They talk loud, cut in line, and smell bad. What is wrong with these people?

they want attention
they are of low intelligence
it is part of their culture
all of the above

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They grew up like that and learned from their parents. I teach in a ghetto school, and for parent day, they bring theor toddlers with them and they drag them along like rag dolls,shout at them for doing silly things, the roughness is part of their culture, a way to survive in a world where only the fittest survive.
They don't.

You notice this subset because ... well, they are loud. And because they fit the stereotype you are comfortable with, I daresay.

Strangely, there are many loud, obnoxious, inconsiderate (and even those lacking in personal hygeine) among all walks of life.

Some of it may be educational ... such niceties sometimes depend on what environment/ education one has had. Sometimes it is a matter of consideration -- a factor that seems to have fallen out of vogue in most social strata, the past decade or two.

But considering how often you probably walk the Hood ... I'd guess it was mostly due to assumptions and stereotypes.

Because nobody pays any attention to low life bums like them.
Empty cans generate much racket.
"Strangely, there are many loud, obnoxious, inconsiderate (and even those lacking in personal hygeine) among all walks of life. "

That is true Cathexis however specific examples do not a trend make.They are louder.

The smell is caused by the government cheese so they can be tracked by odor.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that, as a generalization, (and to the exclusion of other races), black people tend to be more boisterous than white people, (this is of course from my own experiences). That's not necessarily a bad thing; and I'm not talking about the ghetto. In fact, "whites" and "blacks" could learn something from each other: Whites could try to stop walking on eggshells everywhere, and black people could try to be more diplomatic. For example, maybe I didn't have to put the words white and black in quotation marks.
^ (My god, I'm such a honky.)
Lets face it, Black people are more aggressive both vocally and physically than the more reserved races.

If you dont know that youre living in a bubble

Cathexis, and your stereotype is that anyone who dares to reveal the notion that ghetto people talk loud is a stereotypical racist, which is hypocritical.
CG: All "ghetto people" are not loud.

And people who persist in this delusion are acting on stereotypes. As for being racist ... I don't recall making that assertion.

Once again Cathexis you discredited yourself, nowhere on this ballot does it say "all" ghetto people. I am dissapointed in you.
in the usa it comes down to african americans with strong cultural ties to the old school rural south. they simply behave in ways that have been passed down for generations. they're hillbillies. they may be born and raised in a northern city but unlike everyone else around them they alone speak with southern dialect rather than their native northern is not valued. the majority (80% according to census stats)come from single parent homes raised by a mom or grand ma with no father or other adult male. the female head of the household is stressed out and uses the constant act and threat of physical violence to keep children in line. there is little love or nurturing. eventually the kids grow up and rebel. the boys often develop violent, narcissistic, and mysonginistic tendancies and the girls copy cat mom.
They are almost deaf from hearing all that loud 'ghetto' music.--could be another option.
It's completely immoral that in this day and age, hateful and prejudice mindstates still exsist. First and foremost, a "ghetto" is a place. Originally, they were used to house Jews during or right before the Holocast. Jewish people's race is predominately white. So I'm not being facetious when saying that the white race is the origin of "ghetto" races. Secondly, since we're using stereotypes, black people smell quite nice. Just had to through that one in there. Thirdly, I'm black, and I prefer Kraft cheese. Oh yeah, and aggressiveness is either hereditary, or gained through life experience, not a racial trait. It would really look intellectual if you did some research before you decided to comment. An opinion can not be formed without facts. So the 99.9% of those that commented before me silent.
The social stigmas placed on the "ghetto" is only a cycle of discouraged people and people with the power to help that don't because they believe crap like this. who you choose to look past, are the people trying to better themselves. living in the hood or "ghetto" doesnt necessarily make you any more ghetto than living in a castle automatically makes you a princess or living in a better neiborhood makes you a sage on civilized living. The reason we blast our music and put rims on our cars other than the fact that we just like it that way and there's shit you can do about it, we do it because people who don't believe we deserve anything, have no choice but to see us having what we've worked for. and believe it or not, we do WORK for what we have. so if you must, continue your tangent against "ghetto" loud people, but just know, that we dont care.

if people would just play classical music full blast.... :-)

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