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WASHINGTON - Bush was preparing to give an award to a local DC school-teacher at a luncheon. As he stepped over to hand her the award, he tripped over his own shoe-laces and fell forward off the podium, falling into the arms of several secret-service agents who held him up. He was not injured and was seen smiling about the incident several minutes later. In a post-luncheon interview, Mr. Bush stated, "Maybe I should tie my shoes next time" and snickered as he walked off.

Source: CNN (Cletus News Network), you've just been punked. How many of you were ready to comment and licking your chops about this one? How many of you clicked on this before other more relevant, important ballots? I thought so.

Awww MAN! He DIDN'T trip? I really had a funny comment too!
I was only concerned for the President's safety, of course
No, not me, I looked at all relevant ballots first, I swear!!
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You mean the Segway and the pretzel stories weren't real, either?
There was no way I was going to believe that GWB is responsible for tieing his own shoelaces.

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