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in secret :)
yes we always do *giggles* then we have a naked pillow fight
in the shower

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Hmm, well, now we know that my spelling could use a little attention, as well as my proof reading...hmmm.
I picture a bunch of hot girls, ssitting in a spa, asking each other; "Are my boobs frim enough? Are they the right size?", and for the friends to say: "Well, let me just fondle them to check... ooh dear, I'm gonna need to do the same to all you girls

I'm in history class, stop picturing that, I might have to stand up

LOL! Us girls are always paranoid about out chest/ass/waist size. We compare secretly.

Its like ordering off a menu: i want her boobs, her ass and her legs please! Never happy with what we've got! Come on ladies, it could be much worse! Im fed up of moaning about my body. If my boyfriend likes the sight of me naked, why should i care enough what everyone else thinks of me?

Well Kit_kat...after seeing your picture on your users page i can confirm that you have no reason to moan about your body...
^ i know huh, seamus
you know "huh"?...
I used to think before that sometimes there might be something wrong with my boobs - the right one is bigger than the left. But that's normal
by aya [+]

^ I have the same thing with mine!
yes some girls do. Personally I could give a shit less.. I am happy and comfortable with my body. I love my boobs.
only with my sisters - it's a family thing - they weren't distributed evenly :)
I don't because I know I would lose.
Girls, girls, girls... SHEESH...

Here's a solution, y'all: Show me your breasts and let me judge them and I'll give you an answer as to if your breasts are nice or not.

As a girl with some great friends, I can tell you we have never done that. I don't think girls really do. Maybe they say they do cuz' guys want to hear it. I think guys compare their "sizes" alot more that girls do. Now THAT'S hot.
Japanese girls do.
Do "boys" compare their penis sizes? I suspect that the same girls who compare boob sizes hang out with the "boob" boys who compare penis sizes.

Beneath us, Mr. Larrynelmira.


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