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[+] serious ballot by Counciltucky

Seriously. I mean, I'm kinda smart, but in the broad scheme of things I don't know all that much. I just take what I know in terms of facts, as well as what I feel is most important in terms of ideals (equality, 'the golden rule') and speculate based on that.

I don't think that I have a lack of self-esteem by admitting this. I just know enough to know that I don't that much. Now that I admit this, does this lessen your opinion of me?

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Oh God! My whole worldview has collapsed. Perhaps IR and everygirl are right about everything!
^ Well now you're just talking crazy!
for every arguement I make about how I feel about an issue, someone can give me an arguement why they perceive I am wrong. and visa versa.

It would seem giving facts would settle an arguement, but it dosen't, people will believe what they want an ignore or try to justify the facts.

None of us are always right , no matter how much we might think we are.

Perhaps i need more coffee but i read this ballot five times and still have no clue as to what you said, but it does not lessen my opinion of you, i usually have to read all your ballot five times. biggrin
Socrates: Wisest is he who knows he knows not.

When you consider that all of knowledge can be expressed in four statements:

1. This is this
2. That is that
3. This isn't that
4. That isn't this

Then, you see that more "educated" people actually only know more arrangements of these four statements and your "speculation on the intangible" becomes considerably more important (and real) than knowledge.

How's that for an intangible? #:>)

Questioning yourself is one of the wisest things you can do :)
People who think they "Know" more than anyone else are always a little off I've noticed.
by Jyl [+]

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