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Some of them, but no more than other groups
all of them
No i hate some but not BECAUSE their Pakistani
the smelly ones
some are ok and a lot of them piss me off
Clearly, if you use that term, you do...
.....But with reason and not a racist one
they fuckin stink
yea they fukin stink of curry
i am a paki
too fucking many of them, taking over,
i just think there's too many.... Fuck the immigration system
It is irrational to hate a group of people & is merely the view of the ignorant
I don't know what that is...
With a passion
Dumbest ballot ever!
the way they think their mind..
What's a Paki?

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Voted : yes
Cause there taking over call centers
I was attacked and stabbed by a guy from pakistan and so I do feel scared of them. I do think that the government are wrong to allow so many people from different countried to live in England when in other countries like Iceland it is very hard to get reisdency. It has meant that what defined us as british is changing dramatically. As far as political correctness gone mad dont even get me started on that one. I have found that the muslims I have dealt with have been agressive and believe that the UK owe them favours. I di think we have lost something along the way and wish that we could redress the balance but its gone too far.
I love pakis. Everyone should have one as a pet! lol
Deport this drain on our great nation!

Voted : all of them
There's no black in the Union Jack as far as I'm concerned.

This is England and it's for English people only. Pakis should all go back to their own country and claim dole there.

Voted : yes
Voted : yes
They push there luck in our country, And the goverment lets it happen! It makes me think sometimes are we push overs? But recently they seem to be doing something about it, But will they finish the job?
Voted : yes
pakis think that they own the place like harrow in london their a pain in the ass they think they own place they should go back home
the people who cause the problems are the english people from pakistain background the elders from the muslim society should be reaching out to these people showing them a peaceful, loving way of life i know loads of muslims who drink smoke weed shag random women then go and pray why can they pick and choose what rules to follow these people are a disgrace to there religeon have your jihad against these people
Voted : yes
i really hate pakis they think they own the place like harrow in london their are so many like fucking nadia she says that pakistain is better the england i say fuck off to that i say pakistain is a shit hole and it smell like shit they come over here to live off the goverment and take our jobs money build moquses
Voted : yes

This country that is called the UK is like a muzzled bulldog, don't upset the foreigner, don't upset the non white. We have become a nation of powderpuffs, once this nation ruled the world. Now we are laughed at around the world for our tolerance and hatred of our own indigenous population. The quallity of life in Britain is about 40th in the world despite having the 4th strongest economy, UK RIP.

Voted : yes
The extremist western-hating Pakis hide behind the so-called 'respectable & moderate' pakis who run businesses and occupy positions of political power in this country (believe me, there are far more than you realise). Once the balance of political power is in their favour, democracy will cease. They will seek to destroy the white Christian population of Britain by whatever means, and their true support of Muslim extremists, to whom they will look to enforce the rules of their society and barbaric religion, will be revealed. God help Britain if we don't do something NOW. The only funny side to all this would be to see all the left-wing bleeding hearts being beaten and tortured to death by Islamic death squads while trying to scream 'but I was on YOUR side!'. Fucking traitors.
Voted : yes
they smell like off takeaways and curry!and they talk like this....blablablablabla
Voted : yes
I bloody hate Pakis and all other foreigners. They come to Britain, expect a free home and go on the dole. They also smell of pooh and think they own the place whereas in reality they should go back to where they came from.

Britain is a Christian country but we are no loner able to celebrate this and festivals like Christmas have to be banned. The foreigners, meanwhile, are fast outnumbering us and the country is becoming a foreign land. We've lost all sense of identity and yet some ignorant idiots are saying "Don't be racist!" Do you want Sharia law?

i'm from Canada i friggin hate them too!!!they're buying up all the real estate and infiltrating in our conservative Canadian heritage!!Our government says"embrace multiculturalism" i say "fuck off wankers " like you brits would say !!!
Voted : all of them
i h8 em full stop
Voted : no
I am a little shocked by these responses. I would have thought a great Empire like the UK would have an evolved sense of tolerance and respect. But I cant blame you, I am a muslim from pakistani descent but I was born in Canada, that complex and mentality that paki's are renound for is not in me. But i think that all of you should look a little deeper and be aware that sunni and shia muslims are inherently violent, but there other sects like the ahmadiyya muslim community which is centered in the UK that truly promotes peace and community. The head of this muslim community meets with your queen often and she takes his advise on matters affecting the UK and the globe just as often. He is like the pope for ahmadi muslims, and when you are in his presence muslim or not you can feel his holiness and cannot help but listen to his words, peace for all, hatred for none is our motto. And we act according to this motto, his holiness resides in the UK and cares deeply for your country because it is his country as well.
Feelings and opinions like these will simply continue to hurt relations between peoples but it is important to understand the issue completely before rendering such judgement.

Voted : yes
Yes I hate them, and they make me bitter and angry. Remember the Gulf war when some british muslimes went to fight against british soldiers for the taliban cause? They say "we are british, we were born in britain" but when the chips are down thats the thanks we get. Muslims against britain should be hanged for treason. If they hate this country so much, then why are they still here??

Not only that they are a drain on society. Not only that, I'v seen the torturous ways they treat their women. Forcing marriage upon them and throwing acid in their face if they commit adultery.

Then their is the terrorist issue. Muslims like Abu "hook" hansa spouting their evil muslim ways and all of the other muslim sheep listening to his word. Anti-british chants and marches. Shame on Pakis - boot them all out I say. Enoch Powell, who should have been Prime Minister was so right. He could see what was happening to this counry. Very intelligent man. Pakis are only in this country for their own benefit. Just remember what happened in the Gulf - they faught our soldiers (and were subsequently killed and left in the gutter). Shame on pakis

do u know what BNP stands for - BROWN AND PROUD

i love it how the richest person in the UK is an asian, unlucky

Voted : all of them
the lot of them all need to stay in their own fuckin terrorist countrys and bomb eachother, not be cumin over were and tryin to take over!
People shud just get on. no matter whos who. dont get me wrong u get the odd prick, maybe many pricks but surely thats in every culture. we should all be cool with each other. England would be a so much better place. BTW, I LUV ENGLAND!
Voted : yes
the ones who don't respect our traditions and faith or religions and such as well as those who flout the government and over crowd our hospitals purely because they can't be asked getting and paying the NHS for a GP. Avoiding taxes and sponging off ours. And don't force your religion on us with your head-scarves and try general hygiene in workplaces especially with food. Finally to foreign criminals that commit crimes and aren't even part of the British public should be deported!!!
Voted : yes
I would have voted yes if the poll was open but yes I do hate them as they are trying to take over Britain and turn us all into Muslims. Soon we'll have a Muslim Queen and Prime Minister and be the United Islamic Kingdom.
Voted : yes
The ways of our nations, English, Welsh,Scottish, are being denuded before our own eyes. Government impose restrictions on what we can and cannot say or do, while at the same time we champion the cause of democrocy in Iraq and Afganistan. I want them out, they will not change sixty years have shown that they are unwilling to change and unwilling to entertain any meaningfull diologue, get them out, give us our jobs back, give us our affordable housing back, give us our lives back!!
I vote a defenate yes, our country needs to crack down on them all before there overtake the country. There have already took the heart of England with there religion and terroism. England is now officially a ruin of a country and the Pakistans and others are treated better than the folks that have lived here for centurys
Voted : no
did u know that the most fussiest people on the planet are english,always moaning and complaining about something,,,the only reason why u hate pakistanis is because their richer and debt free and make more money,,,so instead of fussing all the time,get off the dohl,get a job and shut up,,,
Voted : yes
Best man for the job? arse, we need more ethnic minorities, these are the aspects that will destroy England.

Here a short list:

-After growing up in England and decending from Pakistani cultures they think their "African American Gangsters" (What up "G")

-A good majority of them are sleazy in the nightclubs and continue to touch and molest our woman (fact)

-Everyday on the news one gets arrested for suspected terrorist plots

-We the white men are our own worst enemy for accepting the own going failure that they produce.

-They come in and make ghettos, carrying on from their old ways (hense Birmingham)

-They have re-introduced gun crime and knives that we got out of years ago.

-You watch crime watch and it amazes you that there are only 10% of them in the country

-etc etc I gotta go catch the bus

But apart from that I think their fine.

Voted : Some of them, but no more than other groups
hi i'm indian , no i don't hate them but there is too many now and there annoying! , they give us indians bad names! , lol sorry to all my pakistani friends but i got to say 80 percent of them piss me off!
Voted : yes
yes I do all of them, I do not hate the Indians or the Sikhs as they are cool and some of them get mistaken for the pakis but they are different, but I really hate pakis
Voted : no
i only dislike arrogant ignorent ones that dont have any consideration for the country. i like the ones who fixed my phone :D
wtf, why would anyone hate an entire country of people, I'm not bothering to read all those guest comments, this is in response to the ballot question itself.
i like pakis im a brit my names ashley i think pakis rule so leave them alone they all keep their culture i think people are scared of pakis cause they no that they rule
I am in no way sticking up for muslims or pakis (btw they aint always the same thing) but 7 out of 10 so called pakis in this country are BRITISH they are born in BRITAIN and they are raised in Britain the only tie they have to pakistan is their faith the faith that so nobely dictates that a man can be killed for infidelity, and that if someone admires a belonging it must be given to them, oh and that the name muhammed should not be used in vein but i personally think if you give de-poll a phone call your probably talking 2million muhammeds walking round bradford city centre...... the point i am trying to make is that no not all pakis are the same some are proud and thankfull to be british but the ones that arent need shooting and hanging for all to see..... this country is on its knees because of them and i dont see an ounce of gratitude!!!
Voted : yes
if you dont like my british customs and traditions then fuck off back to your own bastard country
some weird theories for hating Pakis here...

never seen so much generalization fo a race..

They come from around the world to this county, some deseve their visa most don't. Why oh why do they cross most of the developed world to get here
Pakis are drug dealing scum bags everyone knows exactly what they are like... INTEGRATE? Since when does Islam wish to integrate with any other race? - So why on earth point the racial card at me when I dont wanna sit next to a "PAKISTANI/MUSLIM"? they regard other races and religions as infidels (an inferior race) because we dont bow to their moon/meteorite god ALLAHHHH!!!!!!

Its a joke when you get all these middle-class idiots saying how they love new foreign aliens coming to this country and integrating like some multi-cultural haven -BULLSHIT, These morons come from country club backgrounds - not a muslim in sight in their rural settings - what a joke!

Im sick of damn immigrants, half of which cannot speak a word of English.

Helping the economy? Right, and stretching our police-force, our NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE, fire service etc ... If you look at the stats, there are actually more people leaving britain because of immigration than there are entering. This country is being converted into a terror state, we live in fear because around every corner theres a paki with a knife and a bag of heroin.


Islam is a conquering cult which is clearly inpregnating its roots into our great land.

Listen i think people generalise too much, everyone hates terrorists but muslims in general are just like me and you, theres good and bad in every race, you cant generalise. See them as individuals, not all of them are terrorists, not all of them think they own the country...Do your research if its wasnt for muslims, hindu's, africans, bangladeshi's then this country would not have won the war...FACT.

Yes! YES! YES! This country is a fuckin disgrace!(UK)Why don't the paki scum show some respect instead of bombing us! At college the other day I was just sitting down doing work and the dirty pieces of shit started filming me on a camera! Who the fuck allowed them to build mosks in our christain nation! And they have the cheek to tell us we can celebrate our christain holidays! Mohamed is sucking dick in hell!
leave them alone
why hate a whole race if you hate pakis then dont use sony as it is based in india/pakistan. maybe pakis wouldnt be as aggressive if u werent so racist against them. would you like to know why there are so many terrorists now because of the racism they receive while trying to live in this country. i am a paki im not normaly an agressive person but when someone is racist against my beliefs religion or culture then i get realy agressive so can u blame them when there is so much racism from people like most of the people who have voted and/or left comments.
i hate then because there are soo many of them in england and because they get away with everything and racism is a one way street with them and there are just too many of them and england is beccoming a muslem country
they all think they are british because they were born here,a piece of paper ( birth cert )there no diferent to the dirty pakis in pakistan,they bring poverty,violence and drugs and hatred for the white man,enoch powell was right,and time will prove it..( british?...(in the encyclopedia) means to be an ancient britain,not 50 years since the government wanted to do a test? all muslims should be removed from this country before its too late..
Voted : yes
Indians mix with Brits fine, even the Muslim ones, we have many Indian mates - mean no harm and are bloody good folk.

As for Pakistanis - bunch of terrorising, stealing, plotting, drug dealing dogs as far as I know.

Voted : yes
I propose a simple solution to end all the disharmony and racism in the world. Round up all the pakis and muslims, send them to some towelhead country and nuke the lot of them.
Voted : yes
i completely agree, 100%, something needs to be done about all the muslims moving in our country. it wouldnt bother me if they had the same rights as us but they dont, they are given more than us and people are afraid to speak up because they dont want to appear racist. well i think they shud all be sent back and shud stop having so many kids
Voted : no
what the fuck racist question is this?
Voted : yes
I am a white, blue eyed, shaved head english bloke (stereo typical racist- Which i'm not) . I have many friends of ethnic origin- black, asian, japanese, etc etc. and i have found that the majority of both are as normal/friendly/and generally as good as any white person (no better tho- "ashley i think pakis rule" stop liking arse you fuckin cunt!)
The only steroetype that i will endulge in is MUSLIMS- i have been beaten up, robbed, spat at, and generally disrespected for most of my life! FUCK ALLAH! FUCK THE KORAN! and if you hate white ppl so much go back to the SHITHOLE you crawled out from & hopefully one of your a nice american missile will find its way to ur bunker/cave of choice!

ahh, glad i said that- on the other side tho- there are a selected group of muslims that have disowned their faith and also have similar opinions as me and are disgraced by other membersof this particular religion. Take ppl for how they are, and if there are an 'arsehole muslim' kick em in the balls and send em paking! If you love england and u dont hate white ppl your ok with me! PEACE!

Voted : no
being a white bristish citizen i don't hate pakistani's at all, as a matter of fact i think the rest of us should stop singling them out and get on with them all.
The cheeky fuckers are trying to build mosques n shit all over the place, they want their own shops and facilities to isolate themselves from us in our own country, most of em are just here for the free ride, they get put to the top of the homing lists and they get extra money on benefits etc why the fuck should they get a penny from our taxes when they havent fucking worked a days graft here!! I gan outside and its like I'm living in pakistan where the fuck are all us whites gone, plus the cheeky cunts have been tryin to ban our own religious stuf like xmas decorations when its the season etc, the kids in school cant say blackboard anymore its now a chalkboard yet they can call us whities and say whiteboard, and ya gotta say bar bar rainbow sheep now instead of bar bar BLACK sheep, the goverment want to get most of them all fucked right off and back yhem cos its gonna cause a civil war real soon! ME I work for my country and i want to see my taxes going on us britains and us britains only!!
Why is it people blame Pakistanis/Muslims over the Actions of a Few?

if that was the case we should hate whites because of Chavs? Whites because of constant Pub Drunks causing havocs?

I hate the english u fucking wankers!!! Im Irish, and pakis are pure sound!! Proddie wankers!!!
all wytz are pussies,dey onli say dat dey h8 em becauz der scared of em!!


Voted : yes
i totally hate paki`s, like them all no exceptions at all
Voted : yes
As people have already pointed out here, Britain is a soft touch for immigrants. In 1945, London was 98% white. In the 60 years since then, London is now 40% ethnic. Remember when the victorious British nation rejected Churchill as Prime Minister in the first post-war elections? That's right, Labour was voted in instead - then began the modern era of mass immigration, a policy that was never reversed by any Conservative government since then. No one voted for this, no one was asked. None of the British people who had just emerged battered and bruised from six long years of continuos struggle in World War Two to supposedly preserve our way of life (And who voted Labour in 1945) were consulted by the goverment just voted into power whether or not they wanted mass immigration - it was imposed on us by bleeding heart Liberals who wanted us to all feel a post-colonial guilt for the Empire we had just sacrificed to defeat Hitler.

We've been slowly comitting cultural suicide ever since then. The whole malign effect of Multiculturalism, with it's "Strength through diversity" mantra can and will only divide and weaken this once great nation by fragmenting it's society into disparate ethnic groups all competing for it's resources but with no allegiance to the shared values that once defined who we were not just to ourselves, but to everyone else in the world.

People of ethnic origin reproduce at a rate of 3.6, indigenous white British reproduce at a rate of 1.8. The inevitable result of this will be an ever imncreasing ethnic minority population, untill white British people are outnumbered and become the minority. It's only a matter of time, but not so far off that it wont make the country your grandchildren live in unrecogniseable from that of today.

Is this the Britain both of my grandfathers went to war in 1939 to preserve? Apparently our way of life was under threat from a danger to the world (The Nazis) and they had to be stopped. Having destroyed the "menace" to our country shouldn't that have cemented our way of life for the future, instead of the kick in the teeth that was the post-war ushering in of mass immigration: something that most definetly changed and now threatens our way of life in a way far more sinister than anything Hitler had planned.

Voted : yes
i fuckin hate the dirty smelly paki bastards
Voted : all of them
fukin black cunts fuk off too the mosque so we can blow it up an piss on the ashes
i hate paki cunts coz they are one allways make troble they think they are no1 in this country i hate the barstard they are sly cunning cunts me i am indian ... them fuking cunts need a good kickin
dirty pakis

look at you all your all inconsiderable gits all of you i mean yes originally it was a Christian country but no it is a mixed cultural society and i believe if you can't accept that then you should just get out of your own country to be honest some of you are just racists dicks
hehe now this is funny...non muslims only read the quran to pick out verses that they suppose are 'violent'..then they twist and turn the phrase in order to make the religon look brutal...some muslims do ruin it for themselves by killing innocent people, they dont even know what a huge sin they are commiting by going AGAINST the teachings of islam. islam is the most peaceful religon and the only religon that makes sence. christianity is a confused religon.. i.e the word trinity..isnt evn mentioned in the bible...i mean how wierd is that..and christians clain jesus p.b.u.h to be god...but i c now unambiguous verse where jesus claims to be god. hinduism...idol worshipers...jews...confused... u non muslims need to stop being so narrow minded and not class all muslims as pakistanis...pakistanis are the ones whos feet u should be kising coz without us ud starve to fukin death without any curries being shoved dwn ya gobz...dont cuss any other religon or colour and dont judge an entire naionality just because of the black sheeps that be in communites...and dont forget there are black sheeps in every community..whether they are indian pakistan or english
Voted : yes
Fuck the pakis there scummy pricks i hate every last one of them what they're will be hundreds of them in 20 years a whole swarm of paki immigrants come on britain kick these pricks out of our country fucking paki ignorrant courner shop bastards
Voted : no
Come on you losers, they're not that bad... Why don't you all get a life and realise they are the worlds practising majority. Then theres China and India... That leaves literally a few Whites... which is quickly diminishing.
everyone should just stay in their own country. If it was up to me people would not be allowed to leave their country of origin.
Voted : no
well i am very disappointed in some of the comments but hey its a free country. Pakis should not be judged by their race religion or country, everyone is different, im sure u may have come across some dipshits but thts not just pakis other religions/races have the occassional dickeheads but that difinitely doesnt mean the whole race should be stereotyped coz of them. i have a lot of white/black/asian friends n i sure hope they dnt have the same oppinions as some of the ppl's comments i have read
n btw pakistan does have alot of christians and churches n no, noone just randomly gets shot, get ur facts right ppl!
n yes i do like england n i am from pakistan

Voted : Clearly, if you use that term, you do...
Isn't it an insult to use the term Paki?
Ok ok i understand where all u lot are coming from, I am a muslim and infact what you call "Paki" Im not going to argue I just want to say what I was planning to say lol. Anyway Yeah I now where your coming from, But you got to understand, I know theres like 80% of them that piss you about, but that other 20% (Like me) I havnt done anything to anyone and then i come to this site to see everyone giving a load of crap to us, Okay I know some people have been pricks but I never did anything did i? Also I'd like to mention that Im not even religious even though I was brought up as a muslim, I heard someone say In the Islam faith its okay to kill in the name of allah? No its not, You cant kill anyone for any reason I've actually read the quran and you cant kill anyone, but some pricks think it would be okay to run around with bombs and so called sarcarfice.. No thats not the truth, there just idiots and they will burn in hell.

So at the end of my comment, cut some slack for some of us who arnt that crazy paki you see usually.. also not every paki is a muslim I know some pakis who are Christians, faith has nothing to do with culture.

Voted : Clearly, if you use that term, you do...
Born: UK
Language Spoken: ENGLISH
Language Spoken in head: ENGLISH
Country of choice in worldcup: ENGLAND
Preffered currency: POUND
Preffered speed indicator: MILES
Favourite food: CHIPS
Parents origin: INDIA
Skin colour: BROWN
Do I feel welcome in my country of birth, the country I was suckered into loving as a child at a Church of England school: HELL NO!!!!
I used to love being "BRITISH"! We had the best TV programmes, the best 'humour' and owning a BRITISH passport felt good!
These days I have to avoid rascist chavs, get treated like shit every where I go, worry about my OAP folks when they go out, or threatened by some inbred pleb who assumes I am muslim! My parents are Hindu, I'm atheist. As far as i'm concerned, most British white people are fucking hypocrites! I am planning on emigrating to somewhere a lot hotter, and friendlier then England,.............the USA!!! Now thats gotta tell you something!!!!!

PS... My white wife is coming with me! ;)

I absolutley hate pakis. They are like a infestation of rats, they spread there sick and strange ways of life like austrailian bush fires all over the western civilization.

The pure fact they come over here and get treated like royalty compared to the actual born bred citizens of this country pisses me off.

They rebel and have words, nursery ryhmes and things changed because it "insults" them. Who the fuck are they to walse into my country and start talking about rights. Changing my fucking countrys traditional herritege into their stupid fucking islamic, arabic or whatever bullshit.

One day i strongly hope someone in power will put them all on a ship back to there riddled country. Or better yet line the cunts up on the shores and tell them to fucking swim so we dont have to spend another penny on the fuckers.

Vote BNP.

GOD YOU ALL NEED TO LISTEN TO YOURSELFS! Young generations like myself are not going to have the same views that you do because there are so many pakies mixed with my generations! DO SOMETHING NOW! British people need to stop moanin and act now! It's already to late but we need to get off our arse and fuckin get them all out! NOW! The gouverment wont have no choice but to deport them if we ALL refuse to carry on the way society is these days! AND THATS COMING FROM A 14 YEAR OLD BOY!
Voted : I don't know what that is...
Is it food or something?
i cant believe it.islam thinks its a foce to be reckoned with.then why are a few hundred hundred thousand yanks sitting in there back garden kicking the shit out of them?they do busses and trains and civilian.they are a gutless military irrelevance.some one should formally declare war and stop the pussying about with them.
People,i hate muslims,especially PAKIS,soo much!
1.They are dirty people.
2.They are all monkeys.
3.They think that they are business people and that they have always amazing business..So,do you think that sell frugs and fake or stolen phones it is amazing business??
4.If we would live in their country,they would fucking hate us and will kill us all.
5.Our government send our soldiers to fight with muslims to kill them,but in here they scare to dont protect fucking muslim religion and this people.
6.They are rasiste,they love to rape young girls,they are all liers.
7.In other countries people who dont like muslems,they are patriots not rasiste,but in UK we are rasiste,because our government scare to tell bad about them.In our government all reach snobby people,who dont know areas where pakis live...they should come to Bradford and see that this city became like muslim city.I live in good area,where no pakis at all,but i study at college where a lot of them...and im loosing control in my brain when i see them.
8.In news you can see just nigars and pakis..they always make problems for all people...

Voted : no
I do not hate them but that doesn't mean I automatically like them.
I used to hate them and no longer a BNP supporter but after joining a college I got along with about 5 of them in my class and found out they are exactly like us.
They are racist/we are racist
They love their religion/as do we with our religion
There are some nobhead types but I've never met a white person who wasn't a nobhead type either.

We are all different but there are some things we share even if we don't see it.
But that's just my opinion

Voted : yes
People need to get it right that the fucking difference between a mother fucker paki bitch is and between an indian i swear. I hate pakis we all hate pakis but indians and pakis differ hugely. my half brother is white and indian NOT PAKI i swear if i was PAKI i would burn myself alive them bitches need 2 blow there own motherfucker ups bitch i swear i would love kick their arses out of here KILL THE PAKI KILL THE PAKIS KILL THE PAKIS KILL THE PAKIS

fuck sake we've waited too long 4 this shit its time 2 take action kill the mother fucking pakis who claim beniefits and have a shitload of children bitches need 2 die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Voted : i am a paki
i is da paki come to make curry farts on ye. We pakis pwns ye all ye dumb feckers. i eat da curry and make farts on ye.
da indians are pakis too. who gives a shite anyway.
Voted : yes
I'm natural 190cm White Redneck,who wants to "behead" any smelly,dark,short,ugly motherfu*kin pakistani in the U.S. and elsewhere.
I hate the dirty Paki bastards. If you guy want to talk to the worst paki cunt talk to this guy. 07500700958
What Idiot keeps voting on this ballot?Its on the recent votes list every day.Find something better to do than hate,the only person suffering ii he{or she} that wastes time hating others.
i fuking hate these motherfoking pakis all tho i am one myself, they stink of daal like me dad, i like to come home and wash my clothes with daal ;)(aloo gubi) these tribes come here like zulus and stink the country out. but im still a paki that liekss daal ;)they have big noses i dno why they cnt smell it, all tho i ave a big nose myself, i am an immigrant from pakiland and yes i knw bin laden hes my dad ;) big up the paki NOT
Paki's Poo Out More Paki's.
They Are POO!

this page is racist!

ok first of all...
pakis DON'T "stink".

white people complain about how pakis stink of curry, well ya know what ?

white people stink of fucking ALCOHOL, CIGARETTES, & what not.

Secondly, people that hate pakis know nothing about their culture so basically they're ignorant & hate them out of fear.





Voted : no
we'll leave this country if you people promise to leave ours. (Pakistan, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan.)
Voted : .....But with reason and not a racist one
I don’t give care how they look or stink like a shet because of eating too much of spice or any shet. But important is how they think? In one hand they look friendly, in other hand when the opportunity arrive they would stab you with warning. They opened plenty shops in Britain, some time when you go in their shops you see they haven’t labelled their prices so they could sale anything with any price?, and when they see an old women or some body drunk, so when the customer gives a £10 for product with price £2.80 they would give you £2.20 change, if you give £5 they give you £2.12 back! “it doesn’t matter if they have labelled their price or not they will get £5, £0.12, £0.20 or any, they will charge you extra! So be careful” this is the same for their politics or any thing in general.
The other things, all human has a natural smell! Some more some less, the black African they do smell a little bit but they use some kind of oil and they keep very high “hygienic” so when they appear in public they don’t smell at all. But these pakies stink all the times with out caring about others how they feel! So if you mention, they stink, so they would get offended and they might bring up racism stuff or might fall in a fight but if don’t they might never know they stink, so you have breath their smell all the time. Sorry I am not saying this because I dislike any one but “because this is the fact”
Voted : yes
I hate em all I hope they all get blown up fucking wankers
I Like some but not all I mean the government go yeah come in come in our country heres a corner to build a shop and heres a patch of land to build a mosque to and to help british economy by selling stolen phones and selling cannabis and weed come on its getting out of control they have taken over our country go back to pakistan build ur crap there

Voted : all of them
I don't like em because they break the law deal drugs drive like idiots scream racism at everything refuse to integrate speak their own language and are disrespectful and insultive of our armed forces.

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