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Are Black women like Halle Berry (half black and white), Vanessa Williams( multiracial grandfather) Beyonce (Black Creole), Mariah Carey (Black Venezelan and White) etc the one pretty ones. Are women like Lauryn Hill, Gabrielle Union, Oluchi Onweagba, Liya Kebede, Tyra Banks, Iman, Jada Pinkett Smith ugly because their not mixed?
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LCD : on Oct 10, 2014 because All niggers are hideous apes.

No, All Black women can be attractive
Yes, the ones that are closer to White look better
Full lips, brown skin, round butts, high cheek bones, thick hair are the best features on a women
Small/thin lips, fair/tan skin, long straight hair, flatter butts look better to me
All Black are ugly...period
If you not mixed you probably just as pretty
I not into mixed or Black chicks
All women no matter what shade are gorgeous

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Goes back to: Slavery (africaness (dark skin Afro hair)= bad, ugly, unfortunate, poverty life of hardship). Europeaness (light skin long hair) = good, beautiful, privalege, wealth, fortunate.
^ yeah pretty much.
In the 21st century, "black" Americans are pretty much all a mix of Euro-Afro-Latino-Asian-Native American genetics. And Latino people are the result of Spanish soldiers raping Indian women. So I'm just a nice non-raping white guy but I admit, the mixed-race light-brown skinned women are hotter than the pure-white or pure-black. Maybe evolution is telling us this is just the way its going to be.
This is a pretty racist question. It implies that only white people can answer it. Second it implies that mixed race is predominantly a black thing.

Why didnt you say mixed race whites are the only pretty whites? To a black person that may be true.

NO the more i read it the more inherently racist this is.

Anybody that judges by the group is a "pea-wit."
Voted : All women no matter what shade are gorgeous
anybody who thinks that the shade of ur skin matters are racies bitches and need to wake up and relise then anybody can be beautiful any type of skin cuz nobody should be judges by the color of there skin!!!!!
I like the Octoroons. And High-Yallers. Dity!!!!
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umm i dont agrree..because not all mixed people are pretty..lets say most of them are...
Voted : Yes, the ones that are closer to White look better
black women obviously aren't as pretty as white women-even the light skinned 1s but the light skinned 1s r a hella lot betta than the dark skinned 1s. the ugliest white woman u could find would still be better lookin than the best lookin black girl there is! and thats that
Voted : No, All Black women can be attractive
All black women can be attractive, heck anyone can be attractive
This why we have so many problems. Alot of people make it seem that mixed-raced girls are so much more desirable. Then they wonder why black women are so angry. Mixed-raced women are the only pretty and classy ones. It is about time we embrace all of us.
black women come in many shapes and size and color how many shades do white or other come in
Voted : Full lips, brown skin, round butts, high cheek bones, thick hair are the best features on a women
Black women have the best assest face and body wise they are the most beautiful of all races.
Voted : Full lips, brown skin, round butts, high cheek bones, thick hair are the best features on a women
You got it backward. It is not the whiteness in them. It is the blackness. When will you people lern.
All women are beautifully in their own unique ways. As far as Black vs. Mixed raced. There was something honoring black female musicians big shock that over half on the list were Mixed raced. Its time society opened up their eyes and realized that Mixed raced does not = Black or any other race. Mixed = Mixed
Voted : All women no matter what shade are gorgeous
all women what ever shape or size are all beautiful and this is coming from a 16yr old ... it shouldnt matter what you call beautiful because the definition of beauty:is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder so with that statement made everyone is entitled to their own opinion i am a mixed girl im dominican puerto rican cuban colombian and african american
I am a mixed raced woman, and I think we all know the color has nothing to do with beauty. Beauty comes in all colors, and personality has a lot to do with it. Who wants to be objectified - "The Beautiful, Exotic, Strange Mulatto" In addition, because I was a bi-racial single parent, I was harassed by many jealous women. My life was not made better by being bi-racial.
If white women was so attractive then why do they need so much plastic surgery?
This entire topic is so ignorant and insulting to fully Black women (both parents who are Black) shame on you.
okay i am mixed. I am Black Latino and White with green eyes...I think that there are some pretty mixed girls and some ugly ones no matter what race you are.

whit people are definitely not all that atrractive either with you'll big ass heads
biracial black women are either very beautiful or very ugly - i think dark dark black women from africa are very beautiful
Mixed Girls Look More Exotic. Look at Adriana Lima for example, she's part black as is rosario dawson.
black women are pretty as hell! the best looking woman on earth. mix kids aint got shit on a black woman get over. white people are mess up looking. to the person who said the ugly white woman still look better then a black woman yeah right. white women dont stand a chace. eve was a black woman this is why we are hated. light skin comes from back in africa black eve blacks where first on the earth. and beyonce is not mix she a damn black woman. anybody thats light skin really pretty a damn shame whites tryin take them. white women is ugly as hell.
Voted : All women no matter what shade are gorgeous
Women are women. Shut up and enjoy the view.
These are racist should be reoprted!
I know a black woman in mich.very dark and very pretty she has a biracial daughter that will never look as good
Voted : No, All Black women can be attractive
yh so dnt be rude to black girls
Voted : All women no matter what shade are gorgeous
Actually Liya, Tyra and Jada share the spotlight with Halle, Vanessa and Beyonce on my list of most beautiful black women and most beutiful women in general. I havent heard of any of the other people.

But anyone with a diverse gene pool of any race gernally looks gorgeous. Alot of African women have full defined lips, symetry, and generally caracutred features in there gene pool and theres no reason that these qualities cant mecome desirable.

I like straight hair though but curly not flat hair is nice too but not as manageble.

This is a most retarded question. I don't know what your definition of "pure" black is, but I would be considered so as a cocoa-complexioned black woman with brown eyes and kinky hair. Trouble is, I have multi-racial grandparents (black, white, amerindian) on both sides of my family just like Vanessa Williams, who has the same coloring as my younger sister. So don't think just because someone black is dark or "pure" that they do not have a multi-ethnic background. In light of this, your question is ridiculous. All black woman can be beautiful irrespective of hue. Lauren Hill and Gabby Union are two gorgeous dark-skinned women, for instance. Conversly just because a black woman is light does not make her pretty. Rain Pryor comes to mind. Ick!
Voted : No, All Black women can be attractive
Since u want to get down to the nitty griddy with the multiracial grandfather and black creole. Pretty much all blacks are multiracial and have many different races running through their blood due to slavery and people mixing races today. So Tyra Banks Iman and Jada have other races in them as well and being less black doesn't make one more pretty!
Voted : No, All Black women can be attractive
"Everybody's beautiful
In their own way-ee-ay-ay"

La la laa.

Voted : No, All Black women can be attractive
Hell no! I feel that because someone is white and black dont mean they look better. I have seen some ugly mix chicks. Being mixed dont mean better this question is stupid as hell
I suspect Tyra & Jada are part-Caucasian--their eyes are the same colour as mine (green/hazel) and I'm white...

Some men--like me--like 'black' features (wavy hair, big lips, &c.), even on WHITE women (e.g., Scarlett Johansen, Estella Warren). Some men don't. North African 'black' women (like Iman) look more caucasian, while some scandinavian/slavic women have bigger lips and broader noses. It's largely a matter of personal preference.

BTW, I'm surprised nobody mentioned Kimberley Elise.

Voted : No, All Black women can be attractive
Wow.I LOVE Black women. Yes there are beautiful women of ALL ethnicities,but I PREFER my Black Queens. Because they have a RAINBOW. Light...dark and in between. Just my 2 cents.
Ha ha some of these comments are ridiculously ignorant and racist. I am more than sure that all the comments that left me shaking my head are from American raised people, White black etc. American is Europeanize. And it has been that way since the start of America. Africans in America were taught to hate themselves, but Dark milk chocolate skin, high cheek bones full lips, and curves in all the right places. Are gorgeous features of a African women and often African American women who are of African descent. Yes I know you are probably guessing am I a dark skin African American. And you are correct. I hear often that I am a pretty dark skin girl. Put I donít know what that means, because when I look in the mirror I just see pretty girl. My dark flesh is a sign of my heritage that Iím more then proud of. The thing thatís wrong with Americans is that they canít step out of Americaís perception of beauty. There are so many beautiful features from women of all ethnicities and races. Asian, European, Spanish etc. The list goes on and on ďare mixed women the only pretty black women?Ē lol of course not. But I guess itís just your own personal perception of beauty. 

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