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I have had some bad experiences, however never stereotype

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As I do not live in the US, I cant really say, but I would guess, probably not.

Unless you have evidence of them blowing up churches with children inside, or hanging people from tree, or even burning crosses on the lawn.

Care to explain what you mean dirtybirdy?What happen did some black and latin women shoot you down when you tried to hook up with them?mrgreen
PChamster, ur bein racist right now and u don't even realize it. Trust me PChammy, there are tons of blacks and whiny latin women out there that are just as racist as the KKK. Maybe the latin women aren't involved in killing, but they sure as hell whine about whites and other races on a daily basis. The blacks commit hate crimes too, they just aren't seen as "hate crimes" cos we live in a PC world folks filled with ignorant people like u hamster.
I'm not about to slap that generalization on all women in that stripe, but the most racism I've ever personally encountered was from Black women.
I think older foreign born East Asians take the cake. However, I have noticed a lot of racism among larger less attractive black women.
Is that your whole argument, to every comment I make Splitting_Head?

Are you devoid of any other creativity?

Leave the intelligent conversation to the grown ups.

I've never actually met a racist hispanic woman. Of course the hispanics I've encountered have all been from Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Colombia. I suppose if you get into Guatemala, El Salvador, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela things COULD be different, but I can't say.

Some black people do engage in reverse racism, but I just ignore them.

PCHamster, i made that response cos u were inadvertently trying to say that white people are the most racist with ur KKK dig. Instead of just sayin, everyone is equally racist and leave it like that, u use ur PC tactics to say that whites are evil and blacks and hispanics are angels. I'm sorry im not into lickin minorities asses like u do.
Quote me one time I said Black and Hispanic people were angels.

If youre going to lie, at least make it plausable.

Oh and by the way, defending those who are attacked is never considered licking arse.

You should try showig a little humility.

"Quote me one time I said Black and Hispanic people were angels."

Actually read the 1st response u made on this ballot. I'm not lyin PCHamster. u are doubting that blacks and hispanics do killings like the KKK hence ur sayin that they are angels compared to whites which is completely untrue.

i say that they're all racists, because they think they're invincible.
afro-latinos are the most racists, subproclaim, hispanics in the world. they deny their african heritage. i don't like them, because they're not hispanic. they're so f**king stupid to not marry blacks because of cultural differences. bull***!!!! black-americans, including haitians, jamaicans, africans from africa, and blacks from the virgin islands are more civilized. afro-latinos suck.
actually, hispanic women are more racist than black women. it probably has something to do within their culture. if they're so conceited and cynical towards other groups, why don't they fly back to their home countries? who the @#$% do they think they are?
it would be a whole lot cooler for a hispanic woman to dress up like a prostitute. she deserves to be one.
i've always h8ed black and hispanic women for who they are, and what they believe in. forget what i've said in the previous posts here. all black and hispanic women are racist. it truly doesn't matter what their educational background or economic stauts is, they're just plain racists. it's just to show that they have nothing better to do but to feel more stronger and cynical towards other minorities in order for them to obtain pride.
to all black and hispanic women:

if you have so much pride and h8red among other races, why the @#$% are you doing this?

Ive noticed that all hispanic women are racists they hate white women whitemen even blacks,Black women are racist but not all,There is racists in all cultures and races but hispanmic women i have found very rude stuck up and racist
i agree with you. most hispanic sl**s are born to be stuck ups and racists. it's part of their culture and heritage. those racist sl**s should be sent back to their homeland.
if hispanic women are so racist, they should all go @#$% their mothers. especially 1 year old sluts.
Thats why most of those women are stupid, incompetent, worthless, and dirt poor. They also happen to be ravenous sex machines who carry a copious amount of diseases. Needless to say, they also happen to drop out of high school alot and have babies in their teens.
no i dont think hispanic and black women r the most racists- u cant judge by the actions of certain individuals among these two groups. there is rascism in every ethnic group and race- so dont be pointing the gun at these two groups, because u would just be making yourself sound like a total ass and making yourself look like a racist motherfucker

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