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what breed of cats have the best disposition, with the least amount of mean streak?

Korats (just look at their sweet faces!)
Turkish Van
maine coon
egyptian hairless
Russian Blue -shy but so affectionate
I love all cats

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Cats can have a good disposition?
I can't speak for the whole breed, but the happiest cat I've ever lived with is my Maine Coon, Mingo. She purrs when I look at her. She writhes with pleasure when I sing to her. She purrs when I go to the loo. She even purrs when one of our other cats purr.


I've only had a Persian. She walks around like the sun shines out of her ass. IC_sun IC_kiwi
korats are sweet, too
LOVE cats.

Dogs make awful noises(barks)
(AND they fart unbelievably!!)

You should add RagDolls to Happiest Cat breed or start a new one for them. Once you have had one you'll never have another breed. They are good with children, old people and any other breed of animal. You can't beat them for personalities...
I go a cat for my parents...Boots..I believe it must have some Russian Blue because she's so horny for affection. anytime, anywhere, that pussy loves getting rubbed.

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