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[+] ballot by _Beelzebubba

People with no souls that produce nothing of any substance or value to the human race.

Some are even a detriment to society.
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LCD : on Oct 10, 2014 because Niggers.

Career Politicians
Gangster Rappers
Career Academics
Meter Maids
Used Car Salesmen
Illegal Immigrants
Insurance company executives
Pharmaceutical company executives
Owners of diamond conglomerates (DeBeers)
Tobacco industry executives
Political lobbyist pimps
Reality show 'creators'
Anyone who works on a TV shopping network
Liberal Democrats
The UK Labour Party
Ignorant People
Mojo, I like the way you think. [smile:smile]
Violent bigots
Fred Phelps and his followers
the english
Neo Nazis
The Swiss
The Americans
george bush
People like nuckinfutz who don't like Hippies
See Picture to your right.
People who hate muslims are the most useless
people period
Loan sharks
muslim fundamentalists
Nuckinfutz is so much of a useless assf*ck he deserves to be on here twice!
Those with Disabilities.
people who only take without giving back
Bystanders (read: Bystander Apethy during the murder of Kitty Genovese)
the 2 guys from scooter who don't sing or dance
president bush and his cronies
People who don't think 9/11 was a conspiracy
People who DO think that 9/11 was a conspiracy
Homeless people and inmates, least useful
CRITICS (most of them!)
Holocaust deniers
white people are so lame
NAMBLA members
the guys who make those myspace ads
Dooshbag Board members
child molesters
drug addicts peter dorthy
we are, at bestandworst :P
People who run for President
People under the age of 30. God, what a bunch of wankers.
The Americans, obviously
Fans of Hawk
Paris Hilton and friends
People who gossip
TSA agents who enjoy groping
Selfish greedy people with too much money & no conscience
People with weak grammar and spelling abilities
the bourgeoisie

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oops sorry I repeated the lobbyist choice


That believe that anyone else different than them is inferior and doesn't deserve to be here.
Base hit to left, first time at the plate. Though Options Two and Three are also valid.
Hippies are nice :(
by Jyl [+]

Mojo, I like the way you think. smile
Hey I'm a hippy, minus the free love and drug usage.
For those who voted homosexuals, why are they useless? because they don't now they should be attracted to the opposite sex.
Many of the hippies I've known and heard of are actually quite pretentious, and scorn everybody who doesn't act, dress, and smell like they do.
They should never have political power again.
whoever THEY are!
The people who support the power of the state over the rights of the individual.
Televangelists: Sleazy scum preying on the vulnerable. You better believe, cause "God help you!"
jews of course
Muslims of course
The Swiss, What a bunch of usless cretens! What have they done for the world? steal peoples money, surrender at the first sign of danger, make cookoo clocks and eat toblerones! How usless is that!
And being the home for Fifa tops it right off.
Whoever said "the English" is laughably ignorant.
I dont believe that anyone is useless. I dont agree with the views of a lot of the people listed above but society supports them in one way or another so society as a whole needs them to fulfil some task. It could be argued that people like Fred Phelps are a useful lesson in the dangers of fundamentalist belief of any sort. It could be argued that De Beers have done more good than harm in the world and as for the person who put illegal immigrants down I hope you appreciate poorly paid immigrant workers next time you have a meal out. They will be the poor slobs cleaning the dishes for less than minimum wage so you dont have to pay more for your night out.
It's just that so many hippies are so full of shit. Maybe they were more genuine back in the day, I don't know, I wasn't around.
And I never did understand how smoking pot, listening to crappy music, sitting around the campfire, and smelling bad would help save the world.
Voted : The Americans
Damn those filthy Americans to hell!
lol I'm in a volatile mood today can you tell?
Voted : people who only take without giving back
... and I wouldn't mind being one of them.
muslims belive to murder is devine so thatway they go to alla
Voted : Homeless people and inmates, least useful
Some people are too stupid to answer this question. USELESS, not dislikeable. Illegal immigrants aren't useless; they do work that lazy people don't do, and they are natural part of almost any society. There's a lot of American clowns, but they are part of a huge economy that helps keep trade goods divided amongst other economies. And atheists are a part of that too. Some of the smartest people on Earth - Einstein, Galileo, Nietzsche, Napoleon Bonaparte, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Seneca, and Schopenhauer were atheists. The only useless people on the planet are people that never contribute to improvement. Read Searchlight's post.
Muslims aren't a race so how can that be "racist"?
Muslim is a religion angeleyes

Me personally, I would vote white people of European descent and Spaniards, their resume of the last two thousand years haven't been very impressive. all the conquering and attempts at world domination come from them, they have most of the greedy politicians, serial killers, and civil wars. Next in line is Muslims and Islamics, their violent religion should be overthrown and abolished, they cause enough damage. And third place has to go to Gangster rappers, they glamorize the hood life while smart people in the ghetto would rather move away from it. (I notice black people are attracted to ghetto's, their starting to fill ours up in Canada, maybe it is the way of Africa, it seems that way) But since drug dealers do dump a lot of money in the economy, it won't be easy for the government to clean up that problem. Those are my three top choices. George W. is fourth place by the way with Dick "head" Cheney following, then the Saudi royal family and then North Korea.
Voted : muslims
screw muslims
Voted : whites
Well, I'm a retired white guy. Studying history and from my own observations, I've determined that whites are only good at waging war and stealing technology. Everything we want to take credit for was invented and used centuries or even millenia before we stole it. We seem to be driven by irrational fear of pretty much everyone else which makes us aggressive. When faced with anything different from ourselves, we either fight or flee. We are at the core of every major conflict that's ever been and we flee all the time. Suburban sprawl? We used to call it "white flight". Why do we move to the suburbs and generally make life harder from enormous demands on time? Simply because we are afraid. When another race gets too close and we can no longer flee, we start a war.
Though we claim to be the fathers of civilization, archaeology pretty much dispells that myth. We are the one race that is the farthest from civilized that we can be. We don't think, we react. We don't communicate, we attack.

hookers and pornographers
I notice MEN are surprisingly absent from the list.
Voted : People who DO think that 9/11 was a conspiracy
Those people need to get a freakin life.
Voted : hippies
Definitely hippies. Even babies are more useful!
Voted : People under the age of 30. God, what a bunch of wankers.
king oath
i'm thinking the royal family of any country

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