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[+] serious ballot by Steelhamster

Modern culture in the west is possibly best defined by adherence to a religion and/or the influence of television, possibly both.

Is it possible to choose one over the other, or even eliminate both?

I can relinquish God
I can relinquish TV
I can relinquish both
I cannot relinquish either
I have relinquished both
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I would die before renouncing God. It will never, ever happen. Never. I don't care if some people don't believe in God. I do and nothing will ever change that. Ever.
I would die before renouncing TV, It will never, ever happen!
Nothing to do with me. I think they are both mental pacifyers.
Tho i did need to borrow a tv for the world cup.
^^ You said that was because they had cut the leccy off. :o)
Colonel, you're a heathen that needs a' savin'! Now get to the nearest river and get yourself Baptized you Heathanistic Britoner! :)
god and i parted ways some time ago though i get along with the Mrs. ok LOL. TV and i have a fling occasionally, but it's nothing serious.
weird question. TV is responsible for the numbing of a generation. Before TV when people actually went to church and synagogue and READ, scientific progress and the overall level of education were consistently improving. They don't call television the "boob tube" for nothing.
Although, it would be hard to adjust to a life without The Simpsons, South Park and House... Dead Like Me... Man, why does TV have to be so frickin entertaining?
TV is God - God is TV

- What are y'all TALKING about?

I can do easily without TV. But I can go without "God" even easier than I could go without TV.

Yes, I'm a proud Atheist!

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