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A woman who recklessly infected her lover with HIV has been sentenced to more than two-and-a-half years.

Sarah Jane Porter, 43, of Seaton Close, Kennington, south-east London, was sentenced to 32 months after admitting inflicting GBH recklessly.

The court heard that, knowing she had the virus, she had unprotected sex with her 31-year-old lover of two years.

At the Inner London Crown Court Porter was told she will serve half her sentence in prison and half on licence.

Three more of her partners were traced in the inquiry, one of the first in the UK involving reckless infection. After reading out a statement from the victim the judge said: "The one person who he loved had lied to him time and time again.

"It was her cruelty and dishonesty that made him feel worthless and after that he had had suicidal tendencies."

An inquiry started when detectives were alerted by a 36-year-old man who said Porter did not reveal she had HIV but had encouraged him to have unprotected sex with her.

Detectives then tracked down other people Porter had slept with, one of whom was HIV positive.


Does this sentence seem appropriate to you? She essentially killed these men in a very slow, agonizing manner, and she recieved only 2 and a half years.

Yes, the sentence is appropriate
No, it is too harsh
No, it is too lenient
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she should be convicted of attempted murder, sentence to be changed to murder of the first degree, if/when the victim dies.
by LCD [+]

Even if she told her sexual partners to use protection, which apparently she didn't , she still should have told them she was HIV positive .
Definitely too lenient. If she knew she was infected then her actions were pre-meditated.
The time behind bars may be sufficient... but there should definitely be a tremendous amount of community service to follow... preferably in the AIDS Hospice arena.
by MO_ [+]

That's way to light of a sentence for a crime like that IMO.
Far too lenient. Imagine the sentence a male would have received if he had of done the same thing.
So which is it ... intentionally or recklessly?

I suspect that you've taken liberties with the spin, again.

If a person is HIV Positive they need to tell anyone they plan or want to have sex with, no ifs, ands or buts about it.

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