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crayfish are those little lobster like mud bugs.

they're okay
Very tasty, but I'm allergic to the bastards.
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but a lot of work! (We call them "crawfish".)
Eh ... I'm kind of in-between on these. Had them in etoufee and au naturel. The latter -- more work than its worth, IMO.

Also, don't believe anyone who urges you to "suck the juices out of the head." I swear that is a Southern thing to get back at Yankees for the war.

crawfish or crawdad, the same thing.

Hard to find fresh ones but I once went to a festival and I loved it.

then I tried buying them in supermarkets. P-tooey! Horrible.
by LCD [+]

LOL, yeah, I had to warn some people against sucking the head. Not something you want to do especially these days, all the toxins get accmulated in the head.
by LCD [+]

Love those mudbugs--could go for a couple of punds right now.
So cath, who was urging you to "suck the juices out?"

We made tamales outta the little guys one time.
I'm only Southern by the Grace of God, Cathexis. I don't do juice-sucking.
I'm just picking gross because I don't like eating animals that I can see all the parts of, if I have to tear the legs off then I won't enjoy eating it.
We called them crawfish or crawdaddies where I grew up.
by Jyl [+]

Also, don't believe anyone who urges you to "suck the juices out of the head." I swear that is a Southern thing to get back at Yankees for the war.
by Cathexis

I dont know who's "thing" it is, but even most Cajuns dont even suck the juices out of the heads. Now days, about the only time that anything other than the tail is used is when it's ground up to be mixed in with a recipe.

I could go and catch these in a pond by my house. I remember having them in our third grade class. I don't think I would eat them. Too much work for too little meat.
A few years ago Popeye's had 'em on the menu in the etoufee....
No more intentionable bug eating for me, with the exception of shrimp....

Who the hell eats bugs? It's so sick. Shrimp too, I don't see how people can eat that stuff.

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