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[+] ballot by SmoothDiamond

George W Bush will poke his nose in
Tony Blair will say woof woof yap to George
Iran will get involved
MORE foreigners with another excuse to flood our shores
Third world war
All of the above
hundreds more kids will be killed
most of the above
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Voted : Iran will get involved
And a helluva lot more innocents will die and suffer.
A number of people will insist that appeasement to terrorists is the way to solve the problem.
Same old cycle of violence, with Hezbollah and Israel caught up in it and Lebanon in the middle.
Voted : All of the above
I am beginning to suspect that this is still part of the neocons' original quasi- Utopian vision of 'Toppling the Mideast.'

This conflict will be used as a lever to force larger confrontations/ involvements that will ultimately bring the US, Iran, and Syria into it.

This would finally address all of Bush's original Axis of Evil players (I believe NK was substituted for Syria to defuse a Crusade accusation).

Voted : All of the above
Isreal wil get their jollies for a while before they send in the goyim to be used as cannon fodder.

Join up now, folks.IC_mrusa

** karma **
No wonder Ireland is such a shithole filled up with drunk terrorist papists.

by Noblese_Oblige on Jul 31, 2006 6:48pm

Now can anyone take this asshole's opinion seriously when he can spout vile racist hatred like that???

I don't really feel this way, but I am really glad that you are crying about it all over this website.
Oh so surprise surprise, you don't have the courage of your convictions.

Well why the F**k do you bother posting your worthless and invariably racist/sectarian opinions then?

Either shit or get off the pot.

Israel will win and the terrorist scum will be defeated..../

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