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This will probably be the third post based on this topic, earleir ballots about this topic which i must say i read was full of setimental views i must say. i want you all not to alllow nationalism or regionalism i must say to cloud your judgment. Also all categories of techonology should be considered not just electronics. from space tech, to bio, to it tech, to defense and aerospace to maritne techonolgy, which country is the overall leader?

United States
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Personally ild go for the united states,there area of expertised is seldom rivaled, unlike the japs which admitedly are good in electronics and robotics but everybody makes those stuffs. in the area of space, defense, aerospace, bio mdedics the United stays on top, not to mention its top secret projects. ild say its easier to build a totally cool toyota or a robot than can peel potatoes than send an unmanned space craft miillions of miles into space to and fro., in this aspect ild give to to the U.S and Russia.
Voted : United States
We're losing ground, though. There's increasingly less interest on the part of the young to study the hard sciences, opening the door to kids from other countries.
Not Really, Besides the World now is all about busness and less about showbiz, big busnesses run technology, IBM, INTEL, dell you name it
Voted : United States
As far as patents, etc, the US is still far ahead.
Voted : Japan
It got to be Japan they have all the latest electronics.I believe the Japanese even have a toliet that automatically warms the seat,flushes and makes noises to cover up rude sounds.
thats not advanced technology, thats ust electronics and it shoudnt be the yard stick for measurig techology, besides american coporations are also good in just just that they just dot show more iterest ad the american public isnt that keen on having gadgets, it all boils down to busess still, give the public what they wat. talking of advanced tech we mean computer techology which the U.S both pioeered and still leads, medical research the u.s is at loger heads with the europeans, telecommunications again the u.s and europe,military tech, U.S of course, aerospace, again the united states,space the u.s and russia, you see the cover a wide variety, not just electroics, japan is years behind eve the Russiand when it comes to space tech, its military is MADE IN AMERICA,telecommunications europe i must say have a edge, besides the smartest phones are not japaese, they are europeans, nokia, sony ericson, motorolla u name it.
overall ild still give it to the U.S, they dont really show what they have until the future u kow.The f-117 is today the worlds most advanced stealth plane, came out in the early 90's but it may suprise you that that plae has been in existece since theearly 50s,

The pas will come in close second though
Voted : United States
The U.S. is still ahead in engineering, but Japan, China, and South Korea lead in manufacturing.
Engineering, space, medicine,maritime, entertainment..take a look at hollywood movies
Voted : United States
The US overall, we're losing some ground to East Asia but we're still increasing our lead on Europe. Of course, there are some specific areas where the US is behind other countries.
The united states win in military technology but japan might beat us in electronics because im pretty sure there the ones behind creating plasma tvs and ipods. I could be wrong.

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