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[+] serious ballot by US_MarineCorp69

I dont know a lot about countries besides the United States but without technology who do you think hands down would win. This depends on numbers and how well the soldiers are trained. You can add Navy and Airforce to but its not about whos got the best stuff its about who is trained the best. I know the United States has Marines, Green Berets, Army, National Gaurd and they are all trained well. Im not sure how well the U.S Navy is trained because there ships are so advanced. I know the US air Force is trained at one of the best and could most likely win any air battle. What army do you think is trained the best for war?
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United States
South Korea
The Salvation Army
South Africa
Tie: USA and Israel
french foreign legion
russia will be the best!!!
France (with FFL)
Sri Lanka
Scientology (unfortunately)
the myserious fighters in the Amazon

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I'd have to join a lot of Armies to figure that one out.
Voted : Britain
I think Britain is, then South Africa or Israel.

I am British and I'm not going to go on about how supposedly great our military is, but I believe the combat achievements of the SAS, SBS, Gurkhas, Parachute Regiment and Royal Marines are very good.

I'd also like to mention the South Africans, hardly anyone seems to mention them and I have no idea why.

Not only that but Israel, South Africa and Britain have possibly the world's best trained airmen.
People probably dont mention South Africa much because they stay to themselves. They dont really get into wars they dont have to, but they do have a really good trained army.
From what i heard Spain and the United States have better air trained men. Who knows though you'd need a war between them to tell.
Britain is famous for having the best trained army in the world. We've always been the best throughout history, and we always will.

Also, if the American airforce is so well trained, then what about those friendly fire incidents they were so heavily involved in during the recent wars? American troops are poorly trained compared to most other militaries, and it really does show.

Voted : Isreal
Israel, Britain, US in that order
If Britain has the best trained military, then how come it took them from March 19, 1982 until June 14, 1982 to defeat of all people... Argentina.

Israel defeated the combined armies of Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, and Syria in SIX DAYS in 1967. The defeat a similar combined army of Arab countries in 20 days in 1973.

Britain... one less heavily armed (than the Arab ones) country in several months...

^By your logic the current conflict between Israel and Lebanon should have lasted a few hours rather than several weeks - and still going.

Besides, Britain had to fight a war 8,000 miles away, practically on Argentina's doorstep. I don't mind if Israel beat Britain in this poll because they are exceptional troops, I'm just saying.

Also FiddleFaddle, no disrespect but I've noticed you always seem to have a problem with Brits expressing national pride.

Unless the comments are excessively arrogant (and some undoubtedly are) I don't think our posts have to recieve rigorous 'pride' screening all the time. rolleyes

^ told you didn't I.
^You did indeed, spartan.
Look how long it's takiing the US to subdue Iraq, a country that is less well ared than Argentina.
typo: armed and taking
spartan the brits would have their asses wooped in Iraq
shit you would have had your asses wooped in Argentina if your tried to occupy it.
No we wouldn't get our "asses" wooped in Iraq 'cos we owned it and they are quite friendly towards us.

Occupying the Argies was not the goal but yes we could have, purely because the Argentinians were spent and had no airforce left, the fawkland Islands would have made a good staging post.

friendly towrds
^I will agree with guest_user on that one.

^ Correct, until the last sentence. Britain is the best trained. We know this because we have longer training periods than the Israel (and American) armies, we're more efficient, and are always chosen to train other troops.

There's simply no denying that British forces are the best in the world.

Lemming - I agree with you apart from the Israelis who are the only ones I feel comparable to Britain on a historical basis.

Britain shades it but then I'm speaking from a British bias. If Israel won this poll it wouldn't be a disgrace.

I agree with you there: if there's one country that would deserve to beat Britain in this poll, it's Israel. They are the closest to us in these terms.

But I still believe that Britain is the best, due to our great efficiency and skill.

Isreali troops are actually quite pathetic..shows how little you know in military affairs. They are not even volonteers so comparing them to an all vlonteer force shows how ignorant you are.
Lemming when i say the U.S has a top of the line Air force I don't mean there will be casualities involved in war... Im sure what ever underdeveloped nation your from could'nt produce an airforce with a perfect kill rate.
Plus lets just get this straight while were in the 21st century. Britain isnt the most powerful military... Britain WAS the most powerful nation over 100 years ago but things have changed.. Now the U.S is the most powerful for the time being and in my opinion China will become the superpower in the future.
tie usa and israel? lol thats had me laughing for about 10 minutes. Im sure the ballot says "without technology" funny stuff.
if you ask yourself the question, which nation kills more allies by so called friendly fire responses might be a little more realistic
Chicago has the best military.
This shouldnt even be a question. The U.S is hands down the best military in the world.
Britain FACT next the USA, Off all the armed forces in the world britain has stood out from being the best in terms of quality of the soldier and not the numbers. We might not be as better equip then other nations we would think we would pride our selfs on knowing that the british armed forces produce quality in soldiers, airmen and sailors.

Britain armed forces in particular have trained and worked with the American elite forces.

Britain has both the pride and proud heritage of being the best.

And in regards to FiddleFaddleOnLSD comment about britain in the Falklands and comparing it to Israel 6 day war well here are a few reason why.

The Falkland Islands are half a world away so it would of took a large force to get there within 3 weeks, its also an Island not a land mass to neighbouring countries. so the logestics of moving a large armed invasion force plays a huge part of any war or conflict FACT ,so hence it took a little longer

Actually the British have won many wars on their own. Take the empire, we were hugely outnumbered, outgunned by India, the richest country in the world until we conquered them. And by the way USA, thanks you blowing our soldiers up in Afghanistan, and mutating the English language, arseholes
Voted : Britain
isreali troops are actually quite pathetic..shows how little you know in military affairs. They are not even volonteers so comparing them to an all vlonteer force shows how ignorant you are
By usrocks.

Mate you are an idiot! During WW1 and WW2 the vast majority of ALL armies fighting, including the US, were conscripts. As were the vast majority of US in Vietnam. And troops in the US Civil War. And Korea. I could go on but you get the point. Being conscripted is not in and of itself an indicator of how good or bad a soldier is, that is down to training and motivation. And believe me the Israelis are highly motivated and well trained.

As to who is best trained, the British ARE better trained than the US, this is a fact. The US infantry training is 14 weeks (basic and advanced) compared to 26 weeks for the British (14 basic and 12 advanced)

Voted : Britain
In terms of training hands down Britain that is a fact, though the yanks are too patriotic to admit it.

now too clear this argument up... i hope.

Facts are Britain trains half of the worlds armed forces.
British special forces are the basis for all other special forces in the world today and what they aspire too.

British Basic - Advanced training is 26 - 28 Weeks and this does not include any specialist training that is undertaken once the soldier has been assigned and regiment and will continues constantly throughout the soldiers career.

American Basic - 9 weeks and a 14 week advanced, This alone shows how far ahead British soldier are ahead in terms of training.

Now add to the the fact that no other country in the world has such a rich military history or has fought in as many wars, giving the British armed forces a wealth of knowledge to draw from.

As for the Falklands comments:

Israel is famously a aggressive country if you fuck with them them will fuck you back before you know what hit you, the British have a more diplomatic approach, also the war started on April the 2nd not 19th of march.
the British dispatched a force to the island dispite the U.S. saying it was impossible to retake the island, the British harriers were facing odds of 6 to 1 Not to mention that the Falklands are a collection of islands each needing to be taken secured before further operations.
The majority of British losses during the war were due to bombing raids on Ships with the British being stretched for air superiority due to the remote location of the islands, Though despite these loss's British forces walked over the Argentinian defenders.

For all those Facts and many many many more British forces are and always will be the greatest trained armed forces in the world for land and sea.

You may think i am crazy but the Swedish air force is the best trained air force in the world and are world leaders in Fighter design.

Also the French Foreign legion have to be given a mention they are some seriously hard bastards.

And i will give the yanks one thing there snipers are the worlds best, and when taking into account technology and man power they are the worlds most powerful nation.

Though if for some odd reason the Americans went nuts and attacked Britain they would loose hands down, Any war with Britain would drag the rest of Europe into the conflict and the commonwealth.

Sorry if i bored you all to tears.

Voted : Tie: USA and Israel
Only because those fucking crackheads blow themselves up.
Voted : Isreal
The Arab terrorists keep trying to overtake the country but keep failing.
Voted : turkey
Close but i think Turkey have this one...

And please feel free to disagree...

Voted : Britain
If we had an army the size of America's then we would be the best.
What people have to remember is Isreal was trained by the British (along with 27 other countries around the world,making them the most copied military in the world for good reason)

The British S.A.S trained the Isrealies, Isreal forces even use the British S.A.S's motto of "Who Dares Wins" as a tribute to the British S.A.S.

Many countries who the British S.A.S trained use the British S.A.S's "Who Dares Wins" moto as a tribute to them.

As for the Falklands War,Britain were taken by suprise,outnumberd and had to think on their feet and make it up as they went along against Argentina who had everything planned and outnumberd the British but the British still won.

Britain hasnt lost a war for over a 1000 years (and hardly lost a a war at all),has been in every major war on the planet fighting rite on the frontline heavily outnumberd from start to finish, ruled more of the world than anyother country in history and defeated most of the worlds great super powers.

Britain has also remained uninvaded since 1066.

Add all that together and look how tiny Britain is,they deffinatly get my vote!

TOTAL of american soldiers:
1,112,703 soldiers
TOTAL of all soldiers in the united kingdom: 425,160
Case closed "mate"

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