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Dan Conner, John Goodman's character on "Roseanne", had a heart attack in the second-to-last episode of the second-to-last season -- the episode ended with him having a heart attack.

At the beginning of the next episode, he was resting in a hospital bed, recovering from said heart attack.

On the final episode, at the end, it's revealed that portions of the series, including the entire final season, were actually concocted by the character of Roseanne Conner for a book she was writing, and that in "real life", Dan had actually died of the heart attack.

So when was the character Dan Conner technically "killed off" the show?

Was it on the second-to-last episode of the second-to-last season, when he had the heart attack?

Was it on the last episode of said season, when apparently we went from the "real life" Conner family to Roseanne's book, since they show Dan recovering from the heart attack even though he was dead?

Was it at the end of the final episode, when Roseanne finally admits Dan died of the heart attack and he disappeared from his chair?

Or was he ever really killed off? He was last shown at the end of the show, well even after several other primary members were last shown -- so in a way, maybe he wasn't killed off.

What do you think?

Second-to-last episode of second-to-last season.
Last episode of second-to-last season.
End of the final episode.
Wasn't killed off.

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No offense buddy but I think your friends make fun of you for watching Roseanne.
name it couchgnome
seriously I didn't see the last season or so did they kill him off?
^Wasn't me.

And at the end of the final episode of the show, Roseanne reveals in a voiceover that Dan had died of a heart attack in the season before, and that her character had made up all the other stuff.

Oh missed it, interesting, thanks for the info.
Well was he or wasn't he? Inquiring minds want to know

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