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In US, most of us believe that USA has the most personal freedom than any other country on earth, but then, I have not traveled outside US much. Share your opinion on which country has the most freedom....if you add a country, please elaborate why.

United States of America
Someone say cunt? Mmm Hilary Duff..
theyr called Pakistanis', you ass
Any with no income tax
United Kingdom and United States of America
Here's a hint - it's north of the USA...
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I will kick your ass
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Americans like to boast about their freedom, but your 'freedom' is not particularly enviable. You live in a climate of guns and fear, you are suspicious of foreigners and it is unpatriotic to challenge your government. It's a place where its taboo to publicly put a celebrity or a politician on the spot where they may be made to feel embarassed or inadequate. The scary thing, certainly in Britain lately, is voter apathy and increased public 'security' measures. It all points towards a far less democratic system. I feel sorry for Americans though. It seems as though they are being 'controlled', subtley, by the state and the media, and they are living under a facade off 'freedom', but in actual fact they are controlled by a fear which allows the Government to more or less have free reign to do almost anything they like.
hip hop nation & ireland!!
It all depends if you'e free in your mind, i am so high rihgt noofew
i`am very free,thk you canada and labatts blue.
has to be switzerland, where damn-near EVERYTHING is put to referenda. Time-consuming, but at least it's direct democracy. People there have no-one to blame but themselves for any bad decisions they make.
Probably Amerika, but we are losing our rights fast because Butcher Bush and the Jews are stifling our right to political dissent, etc.

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