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[+] ballot by _Beelzebubba

Dog $h!t is funnier than these people.

Jack Black
Tom Green
Bernie Mac
Dat Phan
Ralphie May
Cedric the Entertainer
Cheech and Chong
Jay Leno
Alexi Sayle
David Letterman
Conan O'Brien
Chris Rock
Craig Ferguson
Robin Williams (last 5+ years or so)
Dave Chappelle
Jim Carrey
Bob Saget
Martin Lawrence
Carrot TOp
Jerry Seinfeld
carlos mancia
Michael Richards (Kramer)
Kathy Griffin
margaret cho
Dane Cook
Will Ferrell
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Good lord! I think Chris Rock and Craig Ferguson are pretty good.

I guess Cedric had to put "Entertainer" at the end of his name so people don't mistake him for Cedric the Janitor. MAG_rofl

lol, I think he should be called Cedric the Exterminator. Cedric the Janitor is also a good one :-)
Conan O'Brien is the cornest comedian of them all.I hate his gay skits and ridiculous dances.
^^ Of course he's racist. that's why I like him.
Bob Saget's not only unfunny, he's a fraud. Although he's managed to keep his squeaky clean image, his own sense of humor is supposedly quite crass. He frequently got in trouble on the set of Full House for telling dirty jokes in front of the child cast members.
^ Oh yeah! I had forgotten all about Bob Faggot. He's such a butt weasel.
Dude! seriously cool picture,there...
What's HIS name?

Jay Leno. He's unbelievably bad.
Voted : Bob Saget
Saget IS a joke

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